Bad Weather Procedure

Dear Parents

In cases of extreme bad weather, any official announcement concerning school closure will be made via the local radio station GWR.

If the weather is bad, please listen to GWR for information.

If the weather worsens during a working day and we have concerns about getting students home, buses may be called in early to ensure a safe return.

Again such announcements will be made on GWR.

The school website will also contain up to date information and the school reception office will be happy to answer any queries on 01249 713284.

Just to re-emphasise, if weather worsens during a working day, it is worth checking the website regularly for any announcements and listening to GWR.


M Chapman

Family Learning sessions @ The Pound


Mazy Bartlett , the school’s Outreach Artist, conducted a day of free art and making, in collaboration with Corsham’s Transition Community, in the hopes of raising awareness about green issues locally.

‘There was a great turn-out, and it was really heart-warming to watch the way the children and adults co-operated with one another in making one fabulous toilet-roll tree. The skill and enthusiasm of the participants was very inspiring, and even the tiniest could contribute, with sticking on of brown paper, and making re-cycled bunting.

We were very glad to hand the tree over at the end of the session to be made use of , as Nikki describes; and during the next Family sessions we will be elaborating on the theme, and sharing re-cycling ideas, so if you would be interested in coming along, just check the Pound programme, our school blog and newsletter, or posters around town.

I feel we all had a really fulfilling day, and also got to know one another!’

Next session will be Sat. 28th Feb. , 11.30 am – 3pm @ The Pound, when we will be mapping our new community area using scrap materials

Children help to make Pledge Tree for Launch Event

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA On Saturday 24th January a group of Corsham children helped Mazy Bartlett, Corsham Outreach Worker, to make a Pledge Tree from re-cycled materials for a new group which held their Launch Event at The Pound Arts Centre in Corsham. While making the tree out of old cardboard tubes, and creating decorative bunting from discarded materials, the children began thinking about re-using materials and the ways in which we can all be more sustainable. These issues are at the heart of the Transition Corsham Community or TransCoCo for short.

The Transition movement started in Totnes in Devon when a group of people got together to think about ways they could reduce their carbon footprint as they were worried about Climate Change and about fossil fuels, like oil, running out. Now there are many Transition villages, towns and communities across Britain, who are doing things to help make their lives more sustainable.

Transition Corsham Community is a group of people who got together to do this too and so now we have a group in the Corsham community area – that’s Corsham and its surrounding villages. We have talked to all sorts of local people – teachers, councilors, traders, community workers and residents about what they think they could do. We invited some of these people to the launch event at The Pound Centre last Saturday.

The Core Group of TransCoCo worked with Mazy to find out ways in which Corsham children could get involved in the ideas behind Transition. So when she ran her workshop for children at The Pound the children made the bunting and a Pledge Tree for the Launch Event. People who came to the event put their ideas on cut out leaves and pinned them on the tree.

These are a few:

Less flying for work – more tele-conferencing.

All new houses should be built with solar panels already installed.

Get an energy monitor to monitor how much energy I use at home.

Plant more trees and don’t knock any more down.

I pledge to reduce my heating by 1 degree C.

If you want to get involved in Transition Corsham Community, go to our website for more information:

Newsletter 30 January 2009


Year 11

The Year 11 reports will be issued two weeks later than previously published. They will now go home to parents/carers on Friday 27 February and will be handed out to students by their tutors. Duplicate copies will also be sent out, as normal.

ELE update

The transfer of subject resources into the new Subject Home Sites on ELE is nearly complete. Students can now login to a visually stimulating environment that contains website links and photos. This is only the beginning though of a long term plan to have fully interactive subject websites containing digital content, such as sound and video podcasts and embedded content packages.

Our new forum software, Webwiz, has been launched. It has greater functionality and is more fun to use. There is a forum for each subject and a range of specialist forums plus a For Sale Board where students can post items that they would like to sell.

Year 6 Students

By the end of January the vast majority of students, coming up to The Corsham School in September will have been issued with their ELE login details and instructions. This has been accomplished by external visits to the Primary Feeder Schools and sessions in School during their visits. They have access to a special School forum where they can ask questions about school life and find out what it’s like to be a student. This will further smooth their transition from Year 6 into Year 7 and help to alleviate any anxieties prior to joining us.

Pupil Reception

Over the past few months, a number of students have been contacting their parents/carers themselves asking to be collected from school when unwell. We would like to discourage this. All students should know what to do if they feel unwell, and all teaching staff are aware of the system. If a child feels poorly they should tell the teacher who will then write a note in their organizer before sending them to Pupil Reception. Here they will be assessed by one of the First Aiders, who will then contact parents/carers. We would appreciate your help with this by reminding your children to follow the school procedure. Thank you.


Students studying Art in Year 10 and Y12 visited Tate Britain in London on 8 January. They had an enjoyable and stimulating day, looking at the short listed Turner Prize winners and exploring the different galleries. It was also very pleasant to bump into an old pupil from our school Kerrie Robson, (daughter of Mrs Robson, Maths teacher) who now works at the Tate Britain and was really pleased when she recognised the Corsham School sweatshirts in the Gallery.

The students sketched work that related to their art projects in school and took photos of the London skyline.


Following the A level Photography workshop in Weston-Super-Mare, we held a competition for the most effective photos inspired by Andy Goldsworthy and Martin Parr. Lewis Jones and Adam Shipman won the Goldsworthy prize with a joint entry of photos of their sculptures of pebbles, ice and leaves.
Joe Summers won the Martin Parr prize with his photos of Santa and a cafe scene.


Here is a list of students with top marks for maths problem of the term, term 2 2008/2009:



A7 Jethro Large
A7 Lauren Merrett
A7 Samuel Ross
H7 Benjamin Candlin
M7 Hannah Lias
R8 Joel Culver
O8 Amelia Lias
M8 Joseph Ross
C8 Rebecca Daniels
R9 Zachary Du Toit
R9 Sandra Baczech

Well done to everyone with full marks.  As ever, the winners are chosen from those with full marks and receive a £5 WHSmith voucher in assembly.  The rest will receive a congratulations postcard in the post.

Outreach and in School Art

Regis Primary school now have a wonderful aerial jungle in their corridor, product of the summer project run by Mazy Bartlett.

At Corsham School Mr Bligh now has a 3D ‘Heaven and Hell’, combination of 3D work, photo montage and words. The Year 13 students researched and worked hard to produce an eclectic and interesting piece of work. In H-block corridor is a display of Mr Bolter’s Citizenship students’ work. They were asked to represent the Declaration of Human Rights in a visual format. This was in celebration of the Declaration’s 60th birthday.

The students work brought added dimension to an already fascinating topic. The origami peace cranes have been put up. They can be seen hanging beneath the skylight as you enter H-block by the middle door. The light falling on the white paper makes a beautiful display and the words beneath spell out Peace Love and Happiness, in Welsh. Following the success of our plastic bottle sculpture, ASDAN students have 5 more in the series to make, using slogans thought up by Mr Balu and the Headteacher, designed to encourage more sustainable living. The Sustainable Development board, in S block foyer has now got a splendid new sign made out of recycled tin cans, once again, made by Year 11 ASDAN students. Finally, in the Main Reception, there is a signed Paralympic shirt framed, kindly donated by one of our ex-students, Stephanie Millward, who was one of the swimmers representing Great Britain in the Beijing 2008 Paralympics Games. On the notice-board is a selection of newspaper cuttings reporting the opening of The Corsham School in 1955.


Thursday 5 Feb (7.30pm) is the date for this year’s Corsham’s Got Talent evening.
Tickets (£2.50) are now available from the Music Department.

Holidays in Term-time
We are still receiving occasional requests for term-time holidays. Parents are reminded that the school is no longer allowed to authorise such absences unless there are very special circumstances. These must be fully explained in writing when an Absence Request form is submitted to the school. A full explanation of this is available on the school website and on the leaflet which is issued when an absence form is issued.
If you require any advice about this issue, please contact Mr Staten at the school before you book anything.

Adult evening Art class
Artist Glo Wootton will be taking this terms evening class. She will be running a Mixed Media course, starting with the basics of drawing and finishing with an unusual watercolour technique using “Brusho” pigments. This technique can produce quite spectacular results, particularly with Glo’s expert teaching.
There are only 12 places on this course, which will run on Wednesday evenings in the Making Room from 7.00pm-9.00pm for 6 weeks. There is a nominal fee of £25 (£15 concessions) to include all materials. Please ring the school to book a place.

Dates for the Diary

February 2

7.45pm CSPTA Committee

February 3/4

Primary Visit 4 Box C of E School

February 4

7.00pm Y9 Options Evening

February 5

Y10 Immunisations

Intermediate UK Maths Challenge

7.30pm Corsham’s Got Talent (SBH)

February 6

Y12 Buddhism Trip

February 9

7.00pm Y11 Focus Evening for Parents

February 9-13

GCSE PE Oral Exams

February 11

5.00pm Y13 Parents Evening

February 11-12

Primary Visit 5 Corsham Primary School (Broadwood)

February 13

Term 3 ends

February 16-20

Half Term

February 13-21

Ski/Snowboarding trip to Austria

February 22-27

Year 9 Trip to Pencelli 

February 23

Teacher Development Day

February 24

Term 4 begins

February 27

Year 11 Reports to Parents

In line with the School’s long term sustainable development initiative, to reduce the amount of paper and printing consumption, we would like to advise parents and carers that the paper newsletter will be phased out in the next few months and be replaced with an online, digital copy. Anyone that wishes to have a paper copy may request this from Reception. Please familiarise yourself with the School website ( and in particular the Information Point’s School Blog, which contains all the latest news, including an electronic copy of the newsletter.