Newsletter 27 February 2009



A group of 48 from Years 8-11 went to stay in the very comfortable Hotel Auderer in Imst, Austria. The group skied in Otz where snow conditions were exceptionally good. Three groups of first time skiers including Miss Powell and Miss Davies made very good progress and an intermediate group and an advanced group also skied hard and well for the 6 days.

The staff would like to congratulate the whole group on their excellent behaviour and progress.
Another large group of over 50 Year 11 and 6th Form will be leaving for Val d’Isere on 3 April.

Link to view the Ski Gallery 2009

The Corsham School is delighted to announce that we have been awarded the Government Sportsmark Award 2008 (for the second year running) in recognition of the high quality of Physical Education provision at the school.

Link to more information on Sportsmark


Students gaining top marks on Maths Problem of the Term, term 3 2008/9 are as follows:


Joseph Stone


Lauren Merrett


Bethany Hart


Riqtal Islam


Hannah Lias


Joel Culver


Amelia Lias


Zachary Du Toit

Well done to all.  Postcards and prizes to follow.


Over the coming months, the History Department will be out and about making visits with various Year Groups, including Chepstow Castle with Year 7, Bath with Year 10 and The Holocaust Exhibition at the IWM London with Years 12 and 13.  Look out also for our recruitment for Ypres, Belgium (December 2009) for our current Year 8 students.  In the meantime, if you wish to explore your topics with some complementary visits…
History Department Museum Recommendations:
The Museum of London, Barbican, London – Great for all periods of Key Stage 3 study from Romans to The Twentieth Century.
The Roman Baths, Bath – Great for Year 7 to complement their study of the Roman Empire.
The Empire & Commonwealth Museum, Bristol- Great for supporting our Year 8 study of Slavery.
The Imperial War Museum, London – Great for Year 9 and their study of the Twentieth Century World.

The American Museum, Bath – Well worth a visit for our GCSE Year 10/11 students to help their revision of The American West.

You could write a review of your visit and post on the ELE forum.


Mr Brown, Mr White and Mr Thickett took over 30 A level Physicists and some year 10 triple science students to St. Mary’s school in Calne for an Astronomy Day Lecture as part of the International Year of Astronomy with Guest speaker Dr Alexander Martynov who works on the Russian space programme. The lecture was entitled ‘From Sputnik to Mars’ and discussed the problems involved in manned missions to Mars and explained what life was like in a space station. We also heard talks from other guest speakers which included presentations about CERN and particle detectors.


The art teachers wondered if it would be possible to ask in the newsletter if anyone has old musical instruments eg guitars, violin, saxophone (doesn’t matter if they are broken), also any old unusual hats, feather boas, beads, bags, animal skulls or interesting shoes and small children’s wellies! They don’t ask for much do they!!


On Thursday 12 February Year 7 raised £450 for their chosen charities by holding a Valentine’s Disco. More than 100 students attended the disco to help raise money for three worthy causes including a village in Africa and Bath Cats and Dogs Home. Students in Year 7 had been working hard to organise the disco and took on responsibility for tasks such as designing posters, selling tickets and preparing refreshments to be sold on the night. Georgina Wood and Meg Clist even took it upon themselves, with the help of Georgina’s Mum, to create fantastic decorations to give the hall a romantic feel! On hand to ensure the students had a great time were the local Community Police Officers. Three members of the Corsham team were present at the disco to help run things smoothly. They were extremely generous and provided the DJ for the disco as well as hundreds of glow sticks which were a huge hit with the students!

A big thank you to everyone who helped make this a great success.”


This event, which was postponed due to bad weather, will be held on Thursday 5 March at 7.00pm in S Block Hall.


‘Corsham’s got Talent’ show is now Wednesday

March 4 at 7.30pm in S Block Hall.

Tickets are still available for £2.50

Dates for the Diary

March 2

7.45pm CSPTA Committee

March 3

7.00pm Full Governing Body Meeting

March 4

7.30‘Corsham’s got Talent’ SB Hall

March 5

7.00pm Y9 Options Evening S B Hall



March 11

7.00pm Governors Curriculum Meeting

March 11

Maths Primary Happy Puzzle Day

March 12

Y 12/13 A Level History Conference, London

March 12

5.00pm Y7 Parents Evening/Interim Reports

March 13

Y 12/13 A Level History Conference, London

March 16

Y9 Focus Evening for Parents

March 17

7.00pm Governors Personnel Meeting

March 23

5.00 Y12 Parents Evening

March 26

7.00pm Governors Care & Guidance Meeting

March 26

7.30pm Spring Music Concerts SB Hall

In line with the School’s long term sustainable development initiative, to reduce the amount of paper and printing consumption, we would like to advise parents and carers that the paper newsletter will be phased out in the next few months and be replaced with an online, digital copy. Anyone that wishes to have a paper copy may request this from Reception. Please familiarise yourself with the School website ( and in particular the Information Point’s School Blog, which contains all the latest news, including an electronic copy of the newsletter.