OXFAM and the Textile Dept





















India Pocock, and Phoebe Kimes- both 6th formers, at The Corsham School will be putting up a display of their textile work in Oxfam window, on Friday 2nd oct.

The project was the brainchild of Jenny Gilks, Oxfam employee, who wanted to highlight the fact that all donations are used, often in unusual and exciting ways, and we saw the opportunity to tailor the project to fit national curriculum textile coursework: the idea of deconstructing, then reconstructing the donated items fitted perfectly with the AS level exam theme, `Worn out and threadbare’.

The display of the finished works will be in the Oxfam shop window until 12th Oct. and are exceptional pieces of work, anyone interested in textile art and recycling should make a beeline for it!

My involvement as Outreach coordinator has been to connect Oxfam with the relevant dept. within school, and give both parties the opportunity to collaborate, and enrich the Corsham community, as well as the practical side of helping with planning, printing, photography and studio space and time.