Newsletter 26th February 2010

Home Access Programme for Parents/ Carers

Home Access is a government drive to help ensure more children in low income families have access to a computer and the internet at home to support their learning. If you are a low income family in receipt of certain benefits you could qualify for a grant to buy a computer and/or a minimum of one year’s internet access. The programme is aimed at those who need it most and targets families that do not have access to a computer or the internet at home.
Depending on what you need, the grant allows eligible applicants to buy one of the following packages:
1. Full package (a computer, one year’s internet access, service and support)
2. A computer with service and support only
3. One year’s internet access only

For more information please call 0333 200 1004 or view the website at

This is particularly important with the development of the  school’s Parent Portal which is due for release in the near future.

Security for ELE

To increase the security of data transfer, from ELE to your home PC in the run up to the launch of the new Parent Portal, we have implemented a new security feature using an industry standard certificate.

You will notice that the login for ELE now features a padlock and the address has changed to when logging on to ELE.

The ‘s‘ indicates an SSL certificate has been applied which encrypts data travelling across the internet.

If you receive a message at home saying that there is an error on the certificate, select the option to ‘continue to the website’. You will need to add the address into your internet options by selecting from the Internet Explorer menu Tools > Internet Options. Select the Security tab and then Trusted Sites. Select the Sites button and Add the address to the list, clicking Close and OK to save the changes.

Please select OK or Yes, if you get asked to view secure pages at any point, and continue as normal.

Introducing Phil Smith SSCo at The Corsham School

“As part of the Mid Wilts School Sports Partnership

I work at The Corsham School as School Sports Coordinator 2 days a week.  I also teach in a Junior School and an Infants School for the remaining 3 days a week as a PE Specialist Teacher. My passion for developing sport at all levels naturally lends itself to the role of SSCo and when the opportunity arose to help develop a family of schools in Corsham as their SSCo I was thrilled to be given the post.

My role as SSCo is varied but can be summarized in the following ways;

  • Increase High Quality PE
  • Support School based Sport
  • Link with Community Sport opportunities
  • Develop Potential such as Gifted and Talented
  • Coordinate Leadership & Volunteering opportunities

I coordinate all of the above across the Corsham Family of Schools which includes Corsham Primary, Corsham Regis, Box Primary, Neston Primary, Lypiatt Primary and Lacock Primary schools.

When not teaching I can often be found coaching Basketball, Athletics, Multi-skills and Football.  I also deliver a variety of training courses for young coaches making their way up the sporting ladder.”

Link to Phil’s website page

2016 Olympics

Last year Joe Lynch (W11) was scouted by the English Institute of Sport. They were looking for people his size and build (he is 6’8” and 17 stone), with a view to selecting the Rowing and Basketball squads for the 2016 Olympics. He is currently going through the selection process for the Olympic rowing team and he has been selected for the next batch of trials, a three day training camp at Nottingham in April.

Thanks to Mr Holden, Head of PE, who put him forward for the first stage of the trials.

Summer Expedition Training Weekend ~ Dartmoor

34 students from Year 11, 12 and 13 took part in a Training Weekend as part of their preparation for the expedition to Northern Peru in July. The students who will make up two different teams set off for the Dartmoor National Park where the teams spent the next 3 days trekking and camping wild. They had various scenarios to deal with on topics such as first aid, casualty evacuation and security so that they could start to learn what life on an expedition will be like and how best to deal with new and different situations. They developed leadership, communication and organisational skills and started to think about team work and fitness and to realise what they have to do to prepare for the expedition in a few months time.

French Exchange
1 more student is urgently needed for the French Exchange 25 April – 2nd May.
The French will return 16th – 23rd May.  Cost £280 (maximum).
This is open to any student Year 8 – 10 who studies French.
For further information, please contact Ms Hawkins ASAP

6th Form French Trip by Alice Cresswell Y12

On Wednesday 3rd February, Year 12 students visited Bath University to see what languages at degree level entailed. Firstly, we went to a lecture hall where we received advice from current students. After that, we did taster classes in unfamiliar languages such as Japanese, Russian and Arabic, which are notoriously known as difficult languages to master, however we managed to grasp the basics. In fact, most of us found that it was a nice to start a language from scratch. We spent the afternoon with a session in French, discussing the recent Haiti earthquake and the devastation it caused for the French speaking country.

Finally, we finished the day feeling inspired and encouraged to continue our studies in French.


Students with full marks for Maths Problem of the Term, term 3 2009/2010 are as follows:
Year 7:  Luke Wilson W7, Joy Wingrave W7, Katie Unwin S7, Hannah Merrett R7 and Kes Krishnamma- Hillier O7.
Year 8:  Bobbi Lang O8, James Robson R8, Moly Iacono O8, Ben Candlin H8, Bethany Hart M8, William Hughes H8, Jethro Large A8, Hannah Lias M8, Lauren Merrett A8, Samuel Ross A8 and Elinor Wood W8.
Year 9:  Becky Daniels C9, Nancy Lewendon O9, Amelia Lias O9 and Giles Skeates W9
All these students will receive a postcard home in the post except for 3 winners who will be selected to win the £5 WH Smith voucher to be handed out in assembly early next term.
Congratulations to all!


Year 11 Business Studies students have been working on producing a Business Plan for a new enterprise for their GCSE Business Studies coursework. On Thursday 4th February the students had the opportunity to present these ideas to local business personnel. The students attended looking very smart in their business clothes and all gave a very professional presentation which had been well prepared. The local business personnel were very impressed with the quality both of the presentations and the ideas the students had developed. 

Year 7 on the WAY!
Congratulations to Chloe Lintern, A7, who has been voted in as a member of Wiltshire Assembly of Youth (WAY), representing young people in North Wiltshire.
Chloe managed to get over 2,000 text votes for her candidacy in the first week of February, when voting took place. Other students in 7A (especially Harriet, Ben and Joe) helped her campaign by putting up posters in the school and surrounding area, giving out flyers and starting a Facebook group.
She has already taken part in her first WAY meeting and will be working to improve local transport for young people. James Gray, MP for North Wiltshire, has also written to her asking if she’d help him campaign in the month before the general election as a result of her success.

Dates for the Diary

March 11th  5.00pm -7.00pm  Y7 parents evening/ interim reports  

March 12th                                        Y12 reports to parents  

March 15th  7.00pm                     Y9  Focus evening

March 23rd  5.00pm-7.00pm  Y12 parents evening                             

March 25th  7.30pm                     Spring Music Concert (S Block Hall)

March 29th  7.00pm                     Y10 Focus evening