Corsham Cluster Hockey Festival

Corsham Cluster Hockey Festival report

5th March 2010

Wow! What a day! The first festival of the year for myself and the new look team of helpers, teachers, team managers, coaches and sports leaders. We couldn’t have asked for more really. All 10 teams arrived safe and sound, Mr Holden had organised grounds men to mark out pitches, Sports Leaders from year 10 (listed below) were prepared and ready to go and Mother Nature gave us a beautiful afternoon to enjoy!

Five teams from Corsham Primary, three from Neston Primary, one from Corsham Regis Primary and one from Lypiatt Primary all took part and really showed good spirit, team work and a huge amount of ability which all bystanders noticed and commented on!

They played a Round Robin tournament with the winning two teams playing in the final. The honours went to Corsham C who won by a single goal in the final against Neston A! However both teams will go to the County Finals on 24th March. Corsham D also won their 3rd 4th play off on goal difference with Neston B.

Special mentions to Neston who supported the Lypiatt team with some extra players, thank you so much! Also to Lypiatt who played so well considering their small numbers and lack of practice. They even won their first two games!! Our Fair Play Trophy went to Corsham Regis, whose sideline support was second to none and spirit was certainly lifted, although the officials simply couldn’t agree which team should actually win the award, a clear sign of the kind of day it was.

STATO FACTS – There were 31 goals in the afternoon, over 70 children, 9 leader, 3 whistles, 2 pitches, 2 trophies, a couple of dodgy ref decisions, 100s of smiling faces, 1 very happy and relieved SSCo and the inevitable 1 sore ankle after it had an argument with a Hockey stick!

Thank you everyone so much for making the afternoon very special and great FUN!

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Phil Smith

SSCo The Corsham School

Year 10 Sports Leaders – Alex Bray, Kalif Barnes, Adam Mitchell, Josh Hard, Louie Reynords, Stephanie Law, Ben Trely, Callum Tonge, James Grogan