Top Link Conference 2010

Four year 10 BTEC students, Kalif Barnes, Stephanie Law, Andrew Bass and James Grogan were invited to Kingdown Community School a Sports College in Warminster to take part in the Top Link Conference.  The conference was designed to take organised and enthusiastic Sports Leaders to the next level! 

Throughout the day they worked with Step Out leaders from Kingdown developing their skills of planning, preparing and running sporting activities. Towards the end of the day they began to plan a sporting event to happen back at The Corsham School.

Effectively our four representatives will be looking to pass on their organisational skills and then shadow students in a lower year group who will plan and run their own Intra Sport Competition in the summer.  Although early in the planning stages the year 10s have already targeted National School Sports Week as relevant time to host the event and their ideas and passion for Leadership is showing through! Good Luck and watch out 2012 Olympic Organising Committee…

Mr Phil Smith

School Sports Coordinator

The Corsham School