Newsletter May 28th 2010

Parent Portal – “a new window is opening”

The school will shortly be offering parents direct internet access to a range of information which will enable you to further support your child’s education through our Electronic Learning Environment.

Parents/ carers of students in the current Years 7 to10 have been sent a Parent Portal pack containing all the information they need and a ‘Parental Responsibility’ form to complete. This needs to be returned to your child’s tutor by Friday 11 June please.

The school is also hosting two special Parent Portal evenings on Tuesday 22 and Thursday 24 June at 7:00pm in S Block hall where Parents/ Carers will be able to see a demonstration of this new and exciting development.
Parents/ carers of students in Years 12 and 13 will have an opportunity to attend an evening and access the Parent Portal in the Autumn Term.

May Day Fete

Year 9 are holding a May Day Fete on Friday 28 May between 1 and 2 pm.
There will be a variety of traditional stalls such as  bric-a-brac, cake stall candy floss and popcorn. There will also be a variety of games including Hit the Target, The Queen’s Nose and Sponge the Tutor (negotiatons with Year 9 tutors still in progress!!)
All money raised will go to Year 9’s national charity Well Child.


Congratulations to Alex Bray who played for Wales under 16s against Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland in Dublin.

Wales won both games 1-0


On Friday 18 June we are holding our KS3 Festival Day for 2010.  It takes place during the school day. This is an opportunity for all year 7, 8 and 9 who play an instrument or sing to perform anything they wish.  The best performances will then be chosen for the Summer Concert in July.  To enter you must reply to the email Mr Day has already sent each student.  Parents are invited to the July Concert of course, but the festival day on 18 June is only for students to attend. The closing date for entries is 9th June.

Jan Byrne Head of the Art Department

I have 2 pieces of my own work in the “Bath Society of Artists” exhibition at the Victoria Art Gallery Bath for the next month.

French Exchange April 25 – May 2

By Heidi Hernandez and Marianna Hunt

The day we arrived, all the students met their partners and went home to meet their families; everyone found their French families really friendly and welcoming. We did a variety of activities to get to know our families, including visiting relatives, walks around the lake, games of ping-pong, magic shows during dinner and even flying a family plane! The next day at school we met most of the students and everyone instantly got on. The food was…interesting, to say the least but the lessons were really interesting and we played handball which was great. Everyone got really competitive. Tuesday, the following day, a number of students helped out in English lessons. It was a good experience but all the French students were almost as good as us at English! The other students went to a Physics lessons to do some interesting experiments. Later that day we went into Montendre, to do a scavenger hunt of the town. It was a boiling hot day and everyone including the teachers got their legs out!

Wednesday was our visit to Futuroscope which is a sort of theme park, the 2 hour bus journey didn’t feel long at all with everyone at the back of the bus singing. The 4-D cinema felt really surreal and cool, and all the attractions were great. However the highlight of the day was watching Mr Tozer and Miss Fairbairn go on “Dancing with Robots”, a ride where you are attached to a robotic arm which spins you round to music. The day after, all the English students had to “trek” their way to a lake, which seemed a very long way. Most students followed the treasure hunt, however some others just sat by the lake to sunbathe, as it was another scorcher of a day. Friday was our shopping trip to Bordeaux. The city was really beautiful and we also went to a museum about the French Resistance. There was a bell tower with 231 steps which we had to climb up, this was a very painful experience but was worth it when we saw the amazing view of Bordeaux from the top! While shopping, two French girls mistook Robbie for Justin Bieber and he posed for a photo. That evening everyone was invited to a party in a village hall. It was a really fun party which lasted until the early hours of the morning. On Saturday most people did separate things, however a group of us (English and French) went to the swimming pool at Jonzac, which was amazing; there was a wave machine, outdoor pool and lots of massive jacuzzis. The next day was our last, we went to the airport and lots of us were emotional as we were leaving but excited to see our new friends again in two weeks .It was a really great experience and we would most definitely recommend it to everyone!

French Exchange Return Visit

On May 16 we were very pleased to welcome our French exchange partners to Corsham. They enjoyed many activities in school, such as producing masks in the making room and playing cricket in a PE lesson!  We were also lucky enough to host a visit by the mayor, Mr Alan Bosley, who welcomed our guests to Corsham.  Visits to the local area included a treasure hunt designed by Year 10 students, an afternoon at the Alms Houses and a day visiting Bath.  On Wednesday 19, all French students and their Corsham exchange partners enjoyed a day in London visiting the London Eye and Madame Tussaud’s. We all had a wonderful week and were very sorry to say goodbye on Sunday 23, although many students are already planning their return trip!

A big thank you to all the families who were involved in making this French Exchange so very successful, and to the teachers who gave up their time to put on activities and to accompany trips.  Not least, well done to Corsham students who were excellent ambassadors and hosts throughout!

Sponsored Cycle Ride

Hayden Harris (Design and Technology) is due to take part in a sponsored cycle ride on the 5 and 6 June. 26 riders will cycle 174 miles, leaving from Heywood School around 7.30am on Saturday 5 for Crickhowell in Wales and back again on the Sunday. This event is in memory of Antonia Thomas, who tragically did not survive   an asthma attack at the age of 10 last October. All proceeds will be donated to Asthma UK, and all the cyclists have requested the money be used to purchase much needed equipment for the 10 Asthma UK nurses based in Wiltshire. Should anyone wish to make a donation, please log onto and the link should take you to a list of all 26 riders.
At the end of the school holiday, the big send-off will be 7.00-8.00am in the main Corsham High Street and is also likely to be covered by the local papers and local television news.

History Trip by Jonathan Schofield and Jack Kelly 

Year 12 AS History Students

In April we were given the opportunity as part of the Holocaust Educational Trust’s ‘Lessons from Auschwitz’ project to visit the concentration camp at Auschwitz in Poland. We started with a visit to a Jewish cemetery from the pre-war era to give us an opportunity to humanize every victim of the Holocaust and not allow them to be merely a statistic. We then went on to Auschwitz and toured museum exhibits and Holocaust sites, including the barracks, crematoria and gas chambers with a local guide.  It was a harrowing, yet also a rewarding, personal experience and gave us a deeper understanding of our studies of the period. It is definitely a place that has to be seen to be believed and the memories of the visit will not be forgotten.

We will be working on developing the teaching of the Holocaust at The Corsham School over the months ahead.

French Stories – update

On Wedneaday 26th May Miss Fairbairn and 9 Year 9 students went to Regis Primary school to listen to Year 5 students tell two French stories.

The Corsham School students (and Miss Fairbairn) were very impressed with the enthusiasm and level of the primary school students.  They sang two songs, with actions, to learn the key vocabulary for their story Jacques le Gourmand. They then recited it perfectly and  taught it to us!

Hopefully we will be able to go again soon.

Fun Run by Maisie Peploe – update

On Tuesday 18th of May the year 8 pupils of Corsham School had a fun run in aid of Bath’s RUH Buy a Brick campaign. The course was to run around the field twice however you liked…. many people did a 3 legged or even a 5 legged race but everyone took part. In the girls competition 1st was Kirsty Stanley, 2nd was Cassie Nelson-Hall and 3rd was Tonicha Cottle. In the boys race 1st was Lewis McCarron, 2nd was Sam Stephens-Pokeridge and in 3rd was Seb Johnstone. A big well done to those 6 and thank you to everyone who took part, this race has boosted our charity fundraising up to over a whopping £1200!

I would like to say another thank you to Mrs Sloan, Mrs Powell and to Mr Rogers who allowed this run to take place. I hope you all enjoyed it and had a great experience. Many thanks Maisie Peplow and the Year 8 Council.

Dates for the Diary

May 28               Term 5 ends. School holiday

May 28               Year 13 Study Leave begins

June 7                 Term 6 begins

June 14               Year 12 return –A2s begin

June 18               KS3 Music Festival Day

June 22 & 24     7pm Parent Portal Evenings S Block Hall

June 23               5pm Year 8 Parents Evening