Community Outreach News

Watch out for flowering peacocks! The first peacock got installed in Corsham High Street during the half term holidays, and I think all those involved in the making should be justly proud; they look stunning. Thank you to Art Surgery and Family Learning makers, Anna Mackie our local volunteer artist, and the council workers that organised and planted them out.

Sarah Purvey and Mazy Bartlett went into Box primary school , for the first 2 days of term, and helped every child in the school produce a decorative ceramic tile.
This gave the children an opportunity to familiarise themselves with clay, and clay techniques, and to all contribute towards the large artwork which will be displayed permanently in their school hall.

Prior to the event Chris Peecock had trained the school’s teachers in kiln usage, knowledge that they will now be able to put into practice, as they have 177 tiles to bake!
Sarah and Mazy will finish up by glazing then mounting the tiles ready for hanging, what should be a stunning piece of work.

IMPORTANT- Art Surgery recommences Wed. 16th June- however the Thursday session will no longer take place- sorry to those who can’t make Wed.