Outreach Art from The Making Room

1. Some of the finished projects from the MOD community centre makeover- the map is magnetic, so the children can chart their friends and relations around the world; and the Tree of Hands was made at the request of the youth club members, to be added to as people come and go.

2. Corsham in Bloom peacocks – our peacock planters, made during Artclub/Family Learning sessions, are now in full bloom around Corsham, and Mazy Bartlett and Anna Mackie meet the judges  on 19th July, to tell them how the project progressed. They have prepared a display for the Town Hall visit, which will hopefully stay put for a bit, allowing everyone a chance to look.

3. Art Surgery has been as lively and productive as ever this term- we had two construction projects running side by side, helped out by the donation of interior design samples from a Corsham shop.

Initially a group of girls started building a dream home, with psychedelic spiral stairs, wrought iron gates and a rooftop pool- spurred on by their project, a group of boys sprang into action , making their own modernist prototype home. This was all self-initiated work, and both projects are going home for the holidays and continuing construction!

We have also made flags, inspired by the football, and a kind donation of piles of fabric from a flag company; we have a small cottage industry as some of the Corsham Primary students choose to churn out elaborate greetings cards every week; Mazy Bartlett helped someone to sew a backdrop for their band, using balloon material, and glass-painted panels for Mr Holgate are an ongoing project.

4. At Springfields school Mazy Bartlett and artist Emma Williams  have been making banners with the boys. Despite none of the 8 students having had any sewing experience, they focused on the project, and have made amazing progress over the course of 3 sessions. Their school is twinned with a Chinese school, so the boys designed their pieces using Chinese decorative art as an inspiration – they then transferred these designs to fabric, and cut and sewed each one. They also managed to squeeze in a one-off session with a ceramics artist, and managed not only to make panels  showing the sports they do in their school(these will be cast in concrete) but also wonderful decorative pieces for themselves, which are being fired by the artist. All in all the work was of a really high standard, and everyone involved got a great deal out of the projects.


5. Finally, another sculpture in the series ’RE’ is ready to go up. This piece took a little time to do, as the ASDAN students involved wanted a windpower  involvement, which took a bit of research; however eventually some wind powered lights were sourced allowing the sculpture to be put together. It illustrates the slogan RETHINK, concerning our environment, and you will be able to spot it in our school quadrangle sometime soon! 

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