European Language Olympics

716 of our students took part in this online vocabulary competition which ran from September 26th until October 14th. 

We competed against students from all over the world, finishing 8th overall!  Well done to class 8YA who were the highest-achieving class in the school, answering 53,514 questions.

Congratulations also to C7 who were second, answering a total of 41,090 questions.  

Individual congratulations to Adam Tinsley, Y10 (3rd in the world in French verbs!) with his personal score of 3066 and Aaran Haig-Williams of 07 who scored 2818 points. 

An excellent effort by all who took part. We are already looking forward to next year’s competition!

Sue Hawkins

Newsletter October 2010

Academy Status

The Governors have asked me to enter a formal consultation period with regard to Academy Status for The Corsham School. I will be posting a consultation document and other information on the school’s website on Wednesday 03 November. As part of the consultation exercise, I have arranged a Parents’ Evening for Tuesday 09 November.  I will write to you by letter soon after half term with more details.

Martin Williams

Exams Notice for Year 10 and 11 and 12

GCSE Science modules are scheduled on Thursday 11 November in the afternoon and involve Year 10 GCSE Science students only and Year 11 students doing re-sits.  Year 11 students will receive individual timetables and Year 10 students will each receive a copy of the schedule detailing to which exam room each class should report and the start time of the exam.

GCSE Maths exams are scheduled on 9, 12 and 15 November and involve Year 11 and 12 students. Individual timetables will detail these exams. GCSE English exams are scheduled on 8 and 10 November and involve Year 12 students. Individual timetables will detail these exams.

If there are any queries please contact the exams officer.

Annual Awards

Our annual awards evening takes place on Thursday 21 October. Over 130 students will receive trophies and awards in recognition of their achievements during the last academic year. We are pleased to announce that a new PE ‘leadership’ award will presented for the first time this year in memory of Daniel Cooper, an ex-student of the school who was tragically killed whilst on police duty in February. The names of all winners along with photographs of the event will appear on the school’s website after the holiday. Congratulations to all!

E-safety Evening

Mr Bodey-Jones (ICT Team Leader) and Mr Parsons (ELE-Manager)  held the school’s first e-safety evening for parents/carers of children in Years 7, 8 and 9 on Wednesday 13 October. The evening covered topics including how the school keeps children safe online and what steps can be taken at home to ensure their safety. Social networking sites were discussed and useful tips were provided on how to deal with and report cyber-bullying. The evening was supported by resources supplied by CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection) Centre. If you didn’t manage to get to the evening there is an updated Online Safety page, in the Parent Portal > External Links section, containing all the advice, documents and website links that you will need. 

Link to THINKUKNOW website

Pupil Reception

HPV Immunisations for Year 8 girls

The first of these will take place in school on Wednesday 3 November. The second dose is booked for Tuesday 14 December and the third for Tuesday 17 May 2011

Autumn Outreach Art

Mazy Bartlett and artist Anna Mackie attended the Corsham in Bloom award ceremony on 7 October  and Corsham was awarded Silver Gilt for the overall floral displays.  Our peacocks were a part of the planting scheme.

Springfield School in Calne now has a run of Chinese flags up their driveway, and also 6 concrete slabs depicting the Beijing Olympic symbols to reflect their sports status, and twinning with a Chinese college. These projects started in the summer, and have recently been finished and the whole team involved appeared in the Gazette and Herald (Thursday October 14 issue.)

Family Learning at The Pound during September produced a truly enormous housefly, which is now being worked on by students from our school in readiness for it to grace our Biology room ceiling…

November session will see the creation of a vast spider, and web!

This month’s session was a Big Draw event and turned out some beautiful drawing of inanimate objects, which will be collated into a web encyclopedia.

After the half term holiday, Mazy Bartlett will be running lantern-making sessions at the school and the local Primaries, in readiness for the Christmas light switch-on.

 Look out for dates on the blog.

Finally,Art surgery is as popular as ever, and has produced a rather interesting Maths sculpture. Look out for it as it will be displayed shortly..

From the Making Room

In November, we continue with our free evening classes. We will be trying something a little bit different … cupcake decorating. We have asked Bryony Wadkin-Snaith, who makes cupcakes professionally, to demonstrate the art of icing them. Those interested will bring their own cupcakes in, and take them home perfectly and artistically decorated.

We will run 2 sessions, with 10 places for each session. There is no fee for these sessions, but Bryony will charge a small sum to cover the cost of materials she provides.

To follow this, we will also be running 2 sessions making packaging for these cakes, and gift bags for Christmas gifts too. Once again, there will be 10 places on each session.

 Please ring the school after November 8 for dates and to reserve a place for either or both of these classes.


Mr Balu and Miss West took 10 Year 12 students to the South coast for 4 days to investigate coastal processes and management.They visited,Barton-on-Sea,Hengistbury Head,Studland,Swanage,Chesil Beach and Kimmeridge.


The first Problem of the Term for this academic year has been completed.  The following students achieved full marks in this:
Year 7: Oliver Padfield C7, Bethany Candlin O7, Thomas Plowright R7, Nathan Holt W7,
 James Phillips W7.
Year 8: Hannah Merrett R8, Joy Wingrave W8, Caitlin Murphy M8
Year 9: Bobbi Lang O9, Jack Daffin C9, Martyna Baczek H9, Benjamin Candlin H9, William Hughes H9, Jethro Large A9, Hannah Lias M9,
Isaac Sellens .W9
Well done to everyone!


Lucy Hyde (8M) was awarded the Under 13 most improved player of the year by Corsham Cricket Club on the weekend.  She recently had county trials and has been a keen cricketer for some time.


The Christmas Music Concert will be on Thursday 2  December in S-Block Hall.  Tickets will be available during the few weeks prior to it from Mr Day.

Dates for the Diary

November 1            Term 2 begins

November 1            7.00pm Y10 Focus Evening

November 1-3         M7 at Oxenwood

November 2            7.00pm Y9 Focus Evening

November 3-5         S7 at Oxenwood

November 3            Y8 girl’s HPV immunisations

November 10          5.00pm Y10 Parents Evening

November 11-12    Y9 CORS History trip Ypres Belgium

November 15-17    O7 at Oxenwood

November 16          7.00pm Ski trip information evening

November 17-19     H7 at Oxenwood   

November 23           5.00pm Y8 Parents’ Evening

November 25          Y9 HAMW History trip to Ypres Belgium

November 26          Teacher Development Day    

European Day of Languages – updated

Students across the school experienced a wealth of learning of and about languages on Friday 24th September in celebration of the annual European day of languages.

Many thanks to all the staff who participated in the event bringing Latin, Greek, Italian, French, Japanese, German and Welsh into lessons across the curriculum for the day!!

Students in year 7 have been competing in an inter-tutor group competition to recognize music from around the world and have been offered the chance to enter an individual competition about language to pit their wits against the rest of the year group.

For the first time this year, The Corsham School has entered the European languages Olympics and many students are enthusiastically learning vocabulary in a bid to beat other local and European schools (not to mention classmates).  Results are pending at the time of writing.

Here are some of the comments from students:

Adam Chapman

a good excersise because you can hear someone saying the word as well . Adam Chapman just completed a test on Language Perfect. Score: 100% (20 out of 20). Well done :)

James Davies

I Think That This Is A great idea for children to learn new languages!. James Davies just completed a test on Language Perfect. Score: 100% (20 out of 20). Well done :)

This Is fenominal!!!!! Absolutely Amazing!!!!!. (This user has just completed a test with the following results: Score: 100% (1 out of 1). Well done!)

Ellen Cann

I really like this website as it lets me win points and gives me the chance to win prizes.. Ellen Cann just completed a test on Language Perfect. Score: 100% (20 out of 20). Well done :)

James Davies

This Is A GREAT Idea And You Should Keep It On For Longer Than The Time Limit! (until 14th of october!). James Davies just completed a test on Language Perfect. Score: 100% (20 out of 20). Well done :)

Lily Fossett

I have found that this website is really useful, I have been determined to get them all right and I have also learned a lot of words on the way. Lily Fossett just completed a test on Language Perfect. Score: 100% (20 out of 20). Well done :)

Arran Haig-Williams

thank you very much everyone who has taught me languagesThis user has just completed a test with the following results: Score: 100% (20 out of 20). Well done :)

Hannah Truelove

Thank You to Miss hawkins who showed us this website it is really helping me get to know my numbers!This user has just completed a test with the following results: Score: 100% (20 out of 20). Well done :)

Tom Plowright

Thank you Miss Hawkins for showing me this site. It is realy fun and i learnt a lot of numbers.This user has just completed a test with the following results: Score: 100% (20 out of 20). Well done :)

Meredith Piper

thank you miss hawkins!! this site is great ive learnt alot! thankyou x This user has just completed a test with the following results: Score: 100% (20 out of 20). Well done :)

Jake Lang

thanks miss hawkins for suggesting this great website. It’s a brilliant way to learn frenchThis user has just completed a test with the following results: Score: 100% (20 out of 20). Well done :)

Harry Davies-Ball

A brilliant website, definately worth it, and i would like to thank my two French teachers for helping me reach the V.I.P room! (Madame Hawkins and Madame ReeceThis user has just completed a test with the following results: Score: 100% (20 out of 20). Well done :)

Abi Grylls

Many thanks to mrs.hawkins for showing me this website it is really fun once again thank-you.This user has just completed a test with the following results: Score: 100% (20 out of 20). Well done :)

Joshua Hill

thank you for making such a wonderfull game and i am really pleased with my results.This user has just completed a test with the following results: Score: 100% (20 out of 20). Well done :)

Kelsey Cartwright

I think this is the best thing on this game and it is really cool, i would reccomend this to friends, its super cool! (:This user has just completed a test with the following results: Score: 100% (20 out of 20). Well done :)

Speaking Japanese

Mrs Hawkins taught some Year 9s Japanese on the European Day of Languages. She lived their for 18 months and can still speak the language reasonably well!

Some comments from the students:

“I thought Japanese was really good because it’s easier than other languages.” Jack

“Learning Japanese was fun and easy to pronounce. “  Cadena

“I loved learning Japanese, it was really fun.  I hope we do it again.” Issie

“ I think Japanese is easy to learn and really fun” Jordan

“It was fun to learn and a good laugh to learn something different.” Cody

“I found the Japanese fun and interesting to learn.” Brad

Student Inspirations – Joe Lynch

I had never thought of rowing as a sport that I was ever going to do, but last November Mr Holden told me that a Sport England scout had asked if anyone had the potential to be a rower and he put me forward.

Now after several tests and trials I am on the Great Britain Rowing World Class Start programme. I have to go on rowing camps every month in Nottingham, and the overall aim is to go to the 2016 Olympics in Rio representing Great Britain.

I am tested all the time by doing skills and rowing, and I have to continue improving at a certain rate. World Class Start have coaches, dieticians, nutritionists, doctors, sports psychologists, physiotherapists and we are sponsored by Siemens and the National Lottery.

Joe Lynch


Annual Awards 2010

Congratulations to all the students who have won a trophy in this year’s Annual Awards to be held on Thursday at 7pm.

We are delighted to welcome Robert Brian as our special guest for the evening. He is one of many inspirational ex Corsham School students whose careers we follow with great interest and pride. Please visit the Corsham Inspirations page of our website to find out more.

Link to view programme of events and award winners

Student Inspirations – James Threlfall

I am launching a new category on The Corsham School blog called ‘Student Inspirations’ that will showcase our students’ amazing achievements outside of school. To launch this new category I am profiling James Threlfall. Look out for more in the coming months and let me know if your child has achieved something amazing!

Mr Parsons


  • Skateboard on what’s known as vert
  • Finished 3rd overall in the UK this year
  • Now been promoted up to A group, which is the highest group in the UK for competition
  • Sponsored by four companies (DuFFS, Skate Warehouse, Suso Drinks and Sutsu) who provide boards, clothing, drinks, shoes etc for free in return for promotion
  • Vert is being introduced as a pilot sport in the 2012 Olympics
  • Hopefully going to the European’s in Sweden again in February
  • Ran the Wiltshire Skate Series across 3 different towns in Wiltshire recently for youths in conjunction with Wiltshire Alternative Youth Sports, Wiltshire County Council, Skate Warehouse, Monster Energy Drink and We Are Rollers. This attracted a couple of hundred people to each leg

Team Interview for James by Sutsu

Name: James Threlfall

Alias/nickname: Freefall

Location: Bath

Years skating: About 5 in total, 2 on vert

Favourite skatepark: Gotta be Bath! Going with the local haha. Our local vert’s there and the midi ramp they have there’s real nice.

Proudest moment: I’d say picking up my first athlete’s pass at Boardmaster’s 08 was a big deal for me. I’d been there when I was 12 and became really determined to get into vert at some point when I saw the guys riding the ramp, so to be on the athlete’s list a couple of years later felt pretty cool. I guess I was inspired…

Signature manouver: Frontside air variations are always in my runs… I’d say I rep lien airs pretty frequently haha.

Best thing about being a vert skater: Almost everything’s an adrenaline rush. Learning something new on vert is always feels a lot more crazy than on any other ramp, I guess that’s one of the most rewarding things.

And the worst?: Going faster and higher has its downs I guess… You hit the floor harder.

How do you deal with skating and school?: It’s not bad, my school are actually really cool with my skating and give me days off here and there when I need them for competitions and stuff. They also let me out at 1 on a Wednesday to go and skate vert so I get a good bit of practice in there, they’re really supportive of me.

Future ambitions: Just to keep skating! It’d be great to have a job involving skating, but other than that I just want to keep riding to see where it takes me!

Photo credit: Jacob Box 


Year 7 Kokoro Music Project

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Wednesday 22ndSeptember saw the climax of the Year 7 Music Project working with professional ensemble ‘Kokoro’ who also play in the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.  During June most Year 6 pupils had the chance to be involved in a number of workshops where members of the Kokoro group taught them about Minimalist music.
During these past few weeks 30 pupils continued these workshops creating a piece of music that was finally performed with the whole Kokoro group in a concert at Bradford-on-Avon.  The whole of year 7 were taken to watch the concert where they were also treated to a full hour and a half professional concert by Kokoro.  The students experienced all kinds of music from the 20thCentury and were exceptionally praised by the event organisers who called all of year 7 a ‘huge credit to the Corsham School’.
Well done to everybody involved.

Mr. Day – Head of Music

Newsletter 30 September 2010

International Award

We are extremely pleased to announce that our school website has been given an international award by the Web Marketing Association for outstanding achievement in web development. All entries are judged against 7 criteria: design, innovation, content, technology, interactivity, copywriting and ease of use. Congratulations go to Charlie Parsons (ELE Manager), Irene Large (Deputy Head) and Richard Anderson from Boson Media for this amazing achievement. Other winners in this category were Disney English, Microsoft Student Experience, University of Bedfordshire and The Walker School.

Parent Portal

Year 7 Parents/Carers were invited along to a Curriculum/Parent Portal evening in September and were given the opportunity to see the new Parent Portal, launched just before the summer holiday to the rest of the school. Letters containing account details for Year 7 Parents/Carers and the Sixth Form will be sent out during the first week of October. If you already have a child at the school then any additional children starting will automatically be added to this account. You do not need a separate login for each child. If you haven’t received your account details then please contact Mr. Parsons at or Main Reception.

Don’t forget that you can sign up for this Newsletter and the Latest News by entering your email address into the Blog and receive automatic email notifications.

Absence Requests

Parents and carers are reminded that term-time absences are only authorised in exceptional circumstances.
If you do wish to request an absence, it is essential that you complete an absence request form (available from Pupil Reception and the school website) giving full details. Supporting evidence may also be required in order that a fair decision can be made.

People & Community Studies Team
A big thank you to the mother of a Year 8 student, Mrs Warne, for bringing in beautiful saris from Nepal for the department. We will have fun using them when teaching Hinduism in Year 7!

PE Team

For the 3rd year running, the Corsham School entered the ISODE equestrian event at Stonar School on 25 September. As one of the very few Comprehensive schools to enter this event, the girls did extremely well and competed in Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross Country. Kirstie Johnson continued her impressive form after a good season, while Kate Lomas and Amy Greenman showed determination and grit. All three girls thoroughly enjoyed the occassion.

Design and Technology Team 

The Resistant Materials area of Design and Technology would really appreciate any timber donations from parents. This would really help the students with their practical work. We would be interested in pine, hardwoods, clean MDF and plywood but not chipboard or any painted or laminated materials or materials with nails, screws etc in them. Collection could be arranged. Please contact us through the Main Reception.

Calling speakers of other languages!

The Languages Team would be very interested to hear if students in the school have exceptional experience of speaking another language.  This may be because you have lived abroad or speak a language other than English at home.  
We would also be very grateful if any parents are willing to speak to our students about their experiences of using foreign languages in the workplace or abroad and the value of learning languages.
Please contact Miss Reece, Miss Fairbairn or another member of the team. 

European Language Olympics

Compete against your friends, for your school and for your country! Thousands of pounds worth of prizes to be won, including 32GB iPod Touch and iTunes vouchers!  Simply ask your languages teacher for your class code, log in at: and you are ready to go!  At the time of printing, The Corsham School is in 23rd position internationally. Our students have answered 35138 questions in French, German, Greek, Spanish, Italian and Latin! The competition is open until 14 October so anything could happen!


The PTA has raised £2,500 for the school.

£500 has been donated to the development of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. 
£2,000 will be allocated to subject teams.
Big thank you to all that have helped with our fundraising.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Peru Expedition 2010

On 7 July 2010, 34 Corsham School students, split into two teams of 17, left Corsham to spend a month as part of a World Challenge Expedition, in Peru. Team 2 were accompanied by Emma Davies and Santosh Balu and Team 1 by Alastair McLeod and Anna Woodhouse.

The first couple of days were spent in the capital, Lima, before we headed to Huaraz to prepare and acclimatise before our main trek. We completed a series of mini acclimatisation treks, which helped with altitude, as well as fitness. 5 days later we were on the way to begin our 5 day trek in the Andean mountains. We were faced with many obstacles, but stunning views, which were very rewarding at the end of each day’s trek when we arrived at the campsite. The entire team completed the trek, and began travelling to different locations across Northern Peru, and participated in different activities such as white water rafting.

The next phase was the project phase. Our task was to re-paint a school in the Amazonas town of Lagunas. We spent 4 days on the project, starting with sanding down the outside walls, and finishing with murals. It was very hard work, especially as we were competing with the humidity of the Amazonas region!

After a gruelling trek, and hard work at the school, we finally made it into our dugouts in the Amazon basin. It was a fantastic experience, and we were lucky enough to see some of the most amazing wildlife, including pink river dolphins, and I think for most of the team, this was the best bit!

Finally we had a few days at the end for a bit of R&R in Iquitos, where we spent the days walking around the town and shopping, then we ate out at great restaurants in the evening. Then, on 6 August, we made our way to Lima airport to come home.

The whole expedition was a fantastic experience for everyone involved. I would strongly recommend anyone who has the chance to go on an expedition to go. These chances don’t come around everyday! A huge thank you to all the staff involved. It would have been impossible without them.

Dates for the Diary

October 4-6      A7 at Oxenwood

October 5          7.00pm Y8 Focus Evening

October 6-8       C7 at Oxenwood

October 6           Open Working Morning

October 6           7.00pm Y7 Focus Evening

October 7           Y9 History to Ypres- Meeting for parents

October 11-14   Y12 Geography Trip  

October 11          Y9 Diploma  Information Evening

October 13         7.00pm E Safety evening for parents

October 15         Y13 Geography fieldwork

October 18        Y11 Focus Evening

October 19        Y10 Geography to Bristol

October 19        5.00pm Y13 Parents Evening

October 20      6.30pm  GCSE Drama duologues Evening & Y12 Charity performance-Drama Studio

October 21      7.00pm Annual Awards Evening

October 22     Teacher Development Day

October 22    Term 1 ends