Year 7 Kokoro Music Project

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Wednesday 22ndSeptember saw the climax of the Year 7 Music Project working with professional ensemble ‘Kokoro’ who also play in the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.  During June most Year 6 pupils had the chance to be involved in a number of workshops where members of the Kokoro group taught them about Minimalist music.
During these past few weeks 30 pupils continued these workshops creating a piece of music that was finally performed with the whole Kokoro group in a concert at Bradford-on-Avon.  The whole of year 7 were taken to watch the concert where they were also treated to a full hour and a half professional concert by Kokoro.  The students experienced all kinds of music from the 20thCentury and were exceptionally praised by the event organisers who called all of year 7 a ‘huge credit to the Corsham School’.
Well done to everybody involved.

Mr. Day – Head of Music