Student Inspirations – James Threlfall

I am launching a new category on The Corsham School blog called ‘Student Inspirations’ that will showcase our students’ amazing achievements outside of school. To launch this new category I am profiling James Threlfall. Look out for more in the coming months and let me know if your child has achieved something amazing!

Mr Parsons


  • Skateboard on what’s known as vert
  • Finished 3rd overall in the UK this year
  • Now been promoted up to A group, which is the highest group in the UK for competition
  • Sponsored by four companies (DuFFS, Skate Warehouse, Suso Drinks and Sutsu) who provide boards, clothing, drinks, shoes etc for free in return for promotion
  • Vert is being introduced as a pilot sport in the 2012 Olympics
  • Hopefully going to the European’s in Sweden again in February
  • Ran the Wiltshire Skate Series across 3 different towns in Wiltshire recently for youths in conjunction with Wiltshire Alternative Youth Sports, Wiltshire County Council, Skate Warehouse, Monster Energy Drink and We Are Rollers. This attracted a couple of hundred people to each leg

Team Interview for James by Sutsu

Name: James Threlfall

Alias/nickname: Freefall

Location: Bath

Years skating: About 5 in total, 2 on vert

Favourite skatepark: Gotta be Bath! Going with the local haha. Our local vert’s there and the midi ramp they have there’s real nice.

Proudest moment: I’d say picking up my first athlete’s pass at Boardmaster’s 08 was a big deal for me. I’d been there when I was 12 and became really determined to get into vert at some point when I saw the guys riding the ramp, so to be on the athlete’s list a couple of years later felt pretty cool. I guess I was inspired…

Signature manouver: Frontside air variations are always in my runs… I’d say I rep lien airs pretty frequently haha.

Best thing about being a vert skater: Almost everything’s an adrenaline rush. Learning something new on vert is always feels a lot more crazy than on any other ramp, I guess that’s one of the most rewarding things.

And the worst?: Going faster and higher has its downs I guess… You hit the floor harder.

How do you deal with skating and school?: It’s not bad, my school are actually really cool with my skating and give me days off here and there when I need them for competitions and stuff. They also let me out at 1 on a Wednesday to go and skate vert so I get a good bit of practice in there, they’re really supportive of me.

Future ambitions: Just to keep skating! It’d be great to have a job involving skating, but other than that I just want to keep riding to see where it takes me!

Photo credit: Jacob Box