Incredible A Level Performance!

Dear Parents/Carers,

I am delighted to announce that today the school has had last year’s achievement at A Level confirmed. The National League tables have verified that the school’s ‘Value Added’ figure of 1059.6 has placed our school as the top performing, state funded, mixed comprehensive in Britain.

The school is in the top 15 when independent schools are also included.

The performace is truly outstanding as it represents the individual progress made by every one of our students.

I would like to offer my personal congratulations and thanks to the students, staff, governors and parents who all contributed to this exceptional performance. The result is an accurate reflection of these efforts and is richly deserved.

Yours sincerely,
Best wishes.

Martin Williams

Select the Table for KS5 and then the excel spreadsheet next to Data for England to view the whole country or download here: CVA results for England.

Select the column Y –  Shrunk VA