Corsham Cluster Young Leaders Award

On Friday 11th March 2011 fifteen Year 5s were trained at Corsham School to be Young Sports Leaders back in their own Primary Schools.  They followed a half day programme of study which focused on Leadership Skills to help them organise their own sports or games at lunchtimes or at an after school club.

Pupils from Neston Primary School, Lacock Primary and Corsham Regis Primary took part in the afternoon.  They had been chosen by their teachers for having leadership qualities such as being a good role model, being organised, showing commitment and compassion towards others and being a good communicator.

There were also two experienced Sports Leaders from Year 11 at Corsham School helping to organise the Young Leaders and give them ideas.  The Young Leaders also had a visit from kasey Connell who is Corsham School’s Young Ambassador. She will be going into the Primary Schools to set up competitions and talk with the children about the forth coming London Olympics in 2012!

All in all many games were played and lots of fun was had but a final challenge lay in wait for the Young Leaders…  The Young Leaders had to design their own game and teach all the other pupils how to play it!  Some fantastic ideas were shared and confidence grew throughout the afternoon.

Well done to all 15 pupils who took part. Next step is to take their skills back into school and share them!

STATO FACTS – There were 15 Young Leaders, 2 Sports Leaders, 1 Young Ambassador, 1 SSCo, countless ideas and fun games and far too many smiles to count.

Thank you to all the Sports Leaders, Young Leaders and Teachers who made this happen!

Phil Smith
SSCo The Corsham School
Year 11 Sports Leaders – Kalif Barnes & Steph Law
Year 12 Young Ambassador – Kasey Connell

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