Newsletter March/April 2011

Academy Status

Dear Parents/ Carers,

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that The Corsham School has today (April 1st 2011) been granted academy status. Please visit the school website ( to read the letter received from Michael Gove.

Apart from the financial benefits, the freedoms and possibilities given to academies will ensure that our school further enhances its position in the forefront of the British education system. I would like to thank Mrs Chapman-Richardson, the school’s Business Manager, and Nick Davies, the Chair of the school’s governing body, for their tireless efforts that were needed in order to meet the April 1st conversion deadline. I would also like to thank everyone who gave such support to the school during the consultation period.

Yours faithfully,
Best wishes.

Martin Williams

 A letter will be going out with students today, notifying parents that there are 6 vacancies for Parent Governors.  If you would like to become a Parent Governor, please complete the form and return it to the Clerk at The Corsham School before Friday 06 May 2011.

Exams office – important information

Individual exam timetables for the summer written exams were issued to all students in Years 11, 12 and 13 on 23 March via their tutor groups.  Students are requested to bring their timetable to every scheduled exam.

NB: Year 11 students who need to be entered for Core Science resits following release of the March exam results will receive an amended timetable after Easter.  These exams are scheduled to take place on 28 June.

If any students had not received their timetable by the end of March or if they have a query regarding the timetable they should contact the exams office immediately.

Year 10

GCSE external exams involving students in year 10 are scheduled on:

23 May (Religious Studies)
7 June (History)
10 June (English)
21 June (Maths)
28 June (Science)

Year 10 students have been issued with a Statement of Entry detailing the exams they are entered for and the scheduled dates of those exams.  They will receive individual timetables via their tutor groups after Easter.

A copy of the complete written exam timetable for the summer is available on ELE. 

A GCSE only timetable and practical exam timetable is also available.

French Exchange – Final Reminder

Please be at Bristol Airport at 10am on Saturday 2 April.  We will meet just inside the entrance.  Please pick up your child at 15.45 on Saturday 9 April.  Please provide a packed lunch and drink for the outward journey.

Please remember not to put any liquids, makeup, etc. in hand luggage.

Please remember to bring: Passport, EHIC card, money (we recommend about £10 per day, but obviously this is a personal choice – please change into euros).  Students only need money for drinks, etc. as everything else (entrance fees, lunches, etc) is paid for.  We will, however, have Friday afternoon shopping in Bordeaux, so your child will probably wish to buy some presents to bring home. They will need to keep money aside for this.

Also, don’t forget: diary, pens, sportswear, swimwear, a jacket/coat and comfortable shoes.     Lastly….a present for your hosts!

We are sure that everyone will have a wonderful time.  Bon voyage!

Maths International Pi Day

Pi – the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of any circle.
Pi – an irrational number(non repeating never ending decimal number)

Key Stage 3 pupils have been practising for weeks to memorise as many places of pi as possible.

Year 9- Matthew Lines is the year 9 winner with 176 places!!

Year 8-Courtney Du Toit manage to thrash the school record this year by memorizing a staggering 300 places of pi, Ruth Moger came second with a phenomenal 220 places.

Year 7- John Secara with 140 places won the year 7 competiton

 How many can I remember as a teacher……..?  3 . 1 4 1 5 9 2 6 5 3 5 …… pretty dismal really!!

Well done to all who took part.

Joy Wingrave, Kes Krishnamma-Hillier, Bobbi Lang and Isaac Sellens were selected to represent The Corsham School at this years regional finals of the UKMT Team Maths Challenge. The competition was tough and required some logical thinking. A sound knowledge of Maths was definitely the order of the day!

For example…

The lock of Claire’s locker has a three-digit code such as 5, 2, 4. She has forgotten the code but she knows that all three digits are different. She also knows that if she divides the first digit by the second digit and then squares the result she gets the third digit. Find all possible three-digit codes for her lock. They did us proud and managed to finish in the top half of the competition. Well done to all of you.

Problem of the Term
Congratulations to the pupils who got full marks this term:
Year 7: Oliver Padfield C7, Holly Reid A7, Michael Harsley S7, Nathan Holt W7
Year 8: Joy Wingrave W8
Year 9: Hannah Lias H9, Jethro Large A9, Beth Wooster O9, Becky Schofield O9
Handwriting Workshop

On Wednesday 16 March, 22 students from Years 7-10 went off-timetable for the day and took part in a Handwriting Workshop organised by Miss Terry and led by Handwriting Consultant, Mrs Cali Norton. The students learned to spot problems with their own writing and were then shown different strategies to make their handwriting better. There was also time for lots of games and activities that got them out of their seats and moving around! In the afternoon, the students even tried calligraphy – the art of beautiful writing. They each took away with them a folder of their best work, an activity book to practise what they learned on the day, and the confidence to make their own handwriting better in future.

More photographs can be seen on our Facebook page at 


The Geography Department has been responding to world news and current events, looking at both the recent earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan, and also the 2011 census.

First undertaken in1801, the UK census can be completed online for the first time this year.  Pupils in KS3 have enjoyed a one-off lesson about the census, a once in every ten years event.  They have discussed why the population of Corsham has increased about five fold since 1801.  Key facts emerged: the building of the Box tunnel opened in 1841, and MoD employment, significant during the WWII era.  We also looked at anomalies in the data, such as when the village of Imber near Westbury was abandoned, again due to MoD activities.

7S were asked to think about whether the census is a good idea.  This is what Michael Harsley had to say on the subject:

“A census is a good idea because it can give the government, or whoever is in power, a good idea of how to prioritize the money gained from tax in a way that will increase the well-being of the subsequent tax payer.  This means they can have the required schools, hospitals, sports centers etc, without overspending on luxuries that are not necessarily needed.

The only really bad point of a census is the money that must be spent on the paper, postmen, collectors, computers etc, that must be used to consolidate the data and make the statistics from the data.  But even that can be sold to companies that want to use the statistics, therefore getting some, if not all of the money used.

People who may object to the census might be campaigning for privacy rights, although the information won’t be used for any other use other than statistics.  Overall, I think it is a beneficial and useful source of information in order to help most people.”

The class agreed that Michael has some very good views, and would like the people in government to take note!

Corsham, the U13 county schools rugby champions 

Recently, we played Bishop’s Wordsworth School from Salisbury, a renowned rugby playing school. The Corsham team were up for the challenge and stung Bishop’s with a try in the first few minutes. Ollie Swanson received a pass in his own 22m area and ran the length of the field to score. Jack Utton did very much the same a few minutes later. Another try followed quickly and by half time Corsham were 19-0 up with Bishop’s struggling to gain any decent possession. The tackling was immense which put pressure on the opposition. The forwards continued to battle to win possession for the devastating and destructive backs. Bishop’s pulled a score back but soon afterwards Jake Golledge charged down a kick and subsequently scored a try. Corsham were worthy winners 24-7


Charlotte Stubbs in Year 8 competed in the Wiltshire County Swimming event this weekend, and came first in her age group. This means that she is now the number one 12 year old swimmer in the county of Wiltshire. She set some fantastic personal best times and also gained a competition record in the 50m backstroke!

Well done Charlotte. 


Mazy Bartlett, Outreach artist and coordinator for the school, has won a Corsham Community Award for her contribution to the arts in and around the area.
Mazy runs a regular family learning session at the Pound and conducts a 2 hour session called Art Surgery each Wednesday after-school, which is open to the whole community.
Mazy helps with home-learning after-school, providing help and materials, as well as liaising with local businesses and groups, bringing projects into, and out of school. This year Corsham in Bloom judges will visit. An art exhibition will travel to Jargeau. Our school will work alongside Oxfam on an arts project, textiles pupils will get an opportunity to work with the legendary Knitters of Corsham and Drama will contribute to the Corsham Festival celebrations. Mazy also works in conjunction with Corsham School teachers to support the curriculum learning in school as well as making displays, murals, visual learning aides and running projects in local primary schools.

She will be receiving her award on 7th April.
Regis Arts Week was a big success, with children of all ages taking part in the building of a magnificent crown, which now hangs in the entrance hall of the School. Take a look if you get the opportunity, it’s really splendid, as were the children that took part, who were a focused, talented and an industrious bunch.
 Finally, shortly before the half term holidays start, Colerne primary school will be getting the magical Landscape that they made, installed in their library. It is a rolling landscape tumbling out of a storybook populated by well known fairytale figures (puppets made by the children) which can be used for story telling. There are also some stunning silhouettes that will fill up their window space.
 Family learning at The Pound produced a massive nest that we all took turns at being a bird in- you had to be there!
Next session April 2 ‘Hive’, is going to be all about honeybees- it’s a free event between 11.30 and 2.30.

Theatre Uncut March 2011 

 This month our A level Drama and Theatre Studies students were involved in a Nationwide event ‘Theatre Uncut’. Our Yr 12 and 13 students read and performed number for short plays written especially for the event, a theatrical response to the current wave of spending cuts. The event brought  together some of the UK’s leading dramatists including Mark Ravenhill and Lucy Kirkwood to encourage people across the country to think about what the budget cuts mean, and who they are hitting.
See the Theatre Uncut website for further details and images of how our students got involved:

Drama GCSE exams

 Congratulations to all those involved in the recent Drama GCSE performance exams. The visiting examiner was impressed with the range of performance styles on display. From ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’ to ‘History Boys’ and ‘Memory of Water’ the variety of performances were very well received by our audiences. Well Done.


Diary Dates
April 3-10- French Exchange
April 8        Teachers Development Day- Term 4 ends
April 8-26   School Holiday