Spanish Themed Day

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Our year 10 Spanish class along with Mr Tozer went to Saint Patrick’s Primary on Friday 1st April. We went because they were having a Spanish themed day in which they spoke Spanish, cooked Spanish food and some years even dressed in Spanish clothes. In the school we accompanied some classes in the activities they were doing and then our class went off in separate groups to speak to the children in Spanish. We spoke to year 2s, 4s and 6s.

After taking them out of class we asked them questions in Spanish, had conversations and were impressed with the quality in which they could speak the language. They then had the chance to ask us questions about what they wanted to know about various words and sentences which we translated from English into Spanish for them. It was an enjoyable experience, one which we would like to do again as it gave us an opportunity to put our learnt Spanish into action and teach others what we know.


Report by Yasmin Garcha and Megan Gibson