Gifted & Talented in Girls Rugby!

On Monday 9th May 2011 nine girls from years 8 and 9 were invited to take part in a Gifted & Talented training camp at Lavington School.  The camp was organised Chris Ferris the SSCo from Lavington School and Bath Rugby in the Community Coaches Jimmy Deane and Steve Middleton.

Over 90 students from 7 schools took part in a variety of skills workshops which included, kicking, tackling, passing, Speed Agility and Quicknesss training and even had time for some video analysis of exceptional and poor play by the professionals.

Congratulations to the nine girls below who represented The Corsham School.  A special mention to Tonicha Cottle who posted one of the quickest sprint times of the day out of 30 girls.  

Anna Sellens C8
Ella Bunting C8
Hannah Bilton S8
Megan Gallagher O8
Amy Leask C9
Tonicha Cottle C9
Lucy Stanley S8
Milly Brown S8
Jasmine Adams R8


Thank you to the students for their commitment, Lavington School and Bath Rugby for hosting the day and teachers back at The Corsham School who released the girls from lessons to attend!

Phil Smith
SSCo The Corsham School

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