Newsletter July 2011

Vivo has arrived!
We are very excited to announce that the school is introducing a new internet-based reward scheme for students in Years 7 to 11 from September. The award-winning ‘Vivo’ system will add a completely new dimension to the way we reward and motivate our students in all their endeavours at school. By earning points (‘Vivos’) for positive contributions made across a variety of categories, students can earn prizes obtainable from the Vivo ‘shop’ – they can even donate their ‘Vivos’ to charity. All rewards have been carefully chosen with the help of Year and School Councils and include a variety of products and privileges which we hope will further motivate our students to achieve their very best at all times.
After launch assemblies in September, students will receive their Vivo cards and be able to log on to their personal ‘Vivo’accounts. When they are logged into this area, they will be able to see their points total and all sorts of other information, including Year Group League tables and special opportunities to earn more ‘Vivos’.
There are many other exciting ‘Vivo’ developments that we expect to introduce over the coming months – so watch this space…Annual Commendation Assemblies

Special assemblies have been held during the last week of term to celebrate the achievements of our students in Years 7 to 10.
In these assemblies students received certificates listing the commendations they have received in individual subjects. It was pleasing to see so many achieving large numbers of commendations. Congratulations to all.
Each assembly was enhanced by some outstanding musical items provided by some of our talented musicians.
Staff will now begin to choose the names of students who will receive trophies for their outstanding academic achievement which will be presented at our Annual Awards evening in October.Uniform

A reminder about our uniform requirements has recently been issued with last day of term information. However we are concerned at the moment about a number of girls wearing unsuitable skirts which are not of a conventional and acceptable cut and others who have been arriving in ‘fashion’ cardigans. Please ensure that your child is correctly dressed from the start of the new school year.
If in any doubt about what is acceptable, please contact your child’s Year Learning Manager.
Exams Office
Summer 2011 examination results can be collected in school from 10am on the following days:
GCE Results – 18th August 2011
GCSE Results – 25th August
Miss Terry’s Year 9 English class has been working hard with Mr Peecock in the Making Room to produce a display for the school library entitled ‘Stories from Around the World.’ Each student read a story that was set in a particular country, then designed and made a 3D model of their book. Mr Peecock put all the 3D models around a world map and has installed the display in the library. It is hoped that it will encourage and inspire students to read books set in other countries as a way to learn about different cultures and to expand their horizons, as well as strengthening their Geography knowledge a little.
Foreign Languages
Y7 CORS Trip to Boulogne 15 July
From Ms Hawkins
Last Friday, 2 coaches left school at 6am for a trip to Boulogne. We had fantastic weather and a great time. Students visited Nausicaa Aquarium, the old town, a hypermarket and the beach – where we ate lunch. We arrived back in Corsham at 11.45 pm, still wide awake!
Many thanks to the teachers who gave up their time for this trip – Ms Fairbairn, Mr Tozer, Mr Thomas, Mr Curtis and Ms Georgieva.
Thanks also to Mrs Holden for all her help in organizing the event.
We are all already looking forward to next year’s trip!
Here’s what some of O7 said:
“ The best bit of the trip was the aquarium. I got to touch a sting ray.” Gemma Laver
“When we ate, the food tasted amazing” Eloise Owen
“We drove to the hypermarket. It was HUGE” Arran Haig- Williams”
“On 15th July we went to Boulogne, it was amazing!” Albany Golledge
“ I enjoyed the beach the most as we played volleyball.” Zara Dixon
“I really enjoyed all of it, but the best bit was the old town.” Holly MacKenzie
“My favourite part besides singing along to Bonjovi was the beach.” Aiden Hearne
“When we went to Boulogne I loved the whole thing but my favourite thing was probably the aquarium.” Alastair Burn
Physical Education
The A level Physical Education class along with a few keen cyclists had the opportunity to visit the Welsh National Cycling Velodrome in Cardiff on July 6th. The students were able to see at first hand what an elite training centre was like and then had the chance to cycle on the indoor track. A specialist coach delivered an exciting and challenging session which included using fixed wheel bikes (no brakes!). Bike skills were tested with manoeuvres through cones on various parts of the banking and finishing with a pursuit race. All the students and staff came away tired but far more appreciative of the fitness and bravery of top level cyclists!
On July 20, Mrs Hughes, Mrs Humphreys and Mrs Evans took twelve Year 10 girls to the Race For Life 5K in Swindon and raised over £400. All the girls had trained for the event in their Physical Education lessons with regular runs on the school field and to Corsham Court whilst some continued with their training out of school as well. The girls all completed the course with great enthusiasm and a number raised money for cancer relief. The girls were Kerry Gibbons, Rosie Lincoln, Emma Sheppard, Louise Smith, Ellie Lewis, Aimee Ramos Price, Krystal Gibbs, Jo Anne Jackson, Megan Starling, Jodie Vaughan, Jess Gill and Nadine Masson.
Sports Week
During the penultimate week of term (11- 15 July) all years, including Year 12 had a Sports Day. For Years7, 8, 9 and 10 that comprised all the traditional Field Events (Jumps and Throws) and 1500 metres in which all runners scored a point for their tutor groups. Approximately 1000 students completed the runs – well done to all.
In the afternoons the Track Events were keenly contested and exciting with lots and lots of brave and determined performances – a lot of Personal Bests and lots of very fast times. Thanks to all competitors, helpers and spectators.
With the London Olympics fast approaching there will be various cross-curricular projects and activities happening throughout next year. Keep your eyes on ELE for details.
A Judo club will be starting in September. It will be before school on Monday mornings so get up early and give Judo a try! First lesson/taster session will be free. Full details on the Student Bulletin on ELE.
Corsham Football U14s recruiting new players
AFC Corsham Under 14s are recruiting footballers for the new season starting in August. Must be over 13 and under the age of 14 on September 1st 2011
School Year 9
Home matches in the mid Wilts League played on Sunday afternoons at Leafy Lane, Rudloe, Corsham, with weekly training sessions on a 3G astro pitch.
Please email or telephone 01225 851131
Level 1 Award in Dance Leadership
Rosie Fossett, Felicity Lynden, Kathryn Newbon, Jemima Pickering & Trisha Swift
All Year 12 students have successfully completed the award this academic year.
The arrival of this award onto the National Qualifications Framework continues this as a highly regarded qualification (for further information visit
This course is not specifically concerned with dancing ability, but instead helps to develop leadership skills, such as being able to organise others and to communicate with groups and individuals in a dance setting.
All the students delivered to either a primary school class or key stage 3 class, a series of 3 dance lessons under supervision of the normal class teacher.
Corsham Primary School (Broadwood ) ‘Really well structural session where the pupil successfully learned part of routine and choreographed their own part’
Box C of E Primary ‘A lesson thoroughly planned with good structure,’
‘This student has grown in confidence in these lessons’
Corsham School Dance Department ‘Good pace of lesson and pitched at the right level’
Congratulations to these students for their achievements and for being excellent ambassadors for The Corsham School.
The search for Corsham’s local champions ended at the Annual Town Meeting on 7 April when the winners of the Town Council’s first-ever Community Awards were announced. The winner of The Arts award was Mazy Bartlett, Community Arts Outreach Co-ordinator, based at The Corsham School, for inspiring people of all ages to have a go at arts and crafts with her boundless enthusiasm and endless original ideas.
Corsham in Bloom 2011

The Town Council approached us to make banners for the Town Hall, so we added a garland across the flagpoles as well as a small entry for the competition. Mazy Bartlett mainly worked with a Learning Support group who organised the peacock planters, planted them out and maintained them as well as sowing poppies on the Peace garden mound. When it became apparent that the poppies weren’t going to appear, we used Art Surgery to make some emergency paper poppies, to cover the mound in time for judging. Also the students had been working away, sewing and lettering the banners, which were put in place the morning of the judges’ arrival. Thank you to Tobi Richardson, Angel Witham, Hannah Bailey, Laura Curley, Amelia Lucas and Jack Seeger who took part.
Boys Singing Day
‘It was one of the best days ever to be witnessed and to be a part of. It was brilliant!’ Harry Beazer 08
On Tuesday 12 July a group of Year 8 boys travelled to Norton Hill School near Radstock for a day of singing. We were joined by boys from lots of schools in Wiltshire and B&NES. After some warm up games, we spent the whole day singing and learnt five songs which were recorded at the end of the day. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
The day was filmed and as soon as we receive a copy, it will be posted on the website for everyone to see! There are already plans for another singing day next year, an opportunity for more boys to have a go at singing!
KS3 Music Festival Day
Lots of our talented musicians from Years 7, 8 and 9 performed at the annual KS3 Music Festival Day on the June 15. It was incredibly difficult to decide on a winner from each year as there were so many polished performances. Well done to:
Year 7: Luke Roberts
Year 8: Daniel Simonsen
Year 9: Evie Polson
Joint Ensemble winners: William Hughes, Bobbi Lang, Becky Schofield, Joe Stone and Jack Daffin, Charlie Dewing, Aidan Crookall-Fallon, Lewis Hancock
Special Mention Awards to:
Year 7: Amber Parsons and Jack Chapman
Year 8: Ed Cross and Isabelle Ingledew
Year 9: Bobbi Lang, Mia Macleod and Becky Schofield
Thank you to all of our musicians that performed at the Summer Music Concert on Thursday July 7.
Pig & Jig
A big thank you to everyone who helped out and attended the Pig and Jig. It was a great success and we hope to have raised  lots of money.
Dates for the Diary
September 1 –  Term 1 begins Teacher Development Day
September 2 – First day for Y7-11 Students, Y13 Enrolment
September 5 – Y12 Enrolment
September 6 – 7.00pm Focus Evening for parents
September 12 – 7.00pm Y10 Curriculum and Controlled Assessment information evening
September 13 – 7.00pm Y13 Applying for University evening
September 14 – 6.00pm Open Evening
September 19 – Y7 & Y9 Photographs
September 19 – 7.00pm Y7 Curriculum Information evening
September 20 – 7.00pm Y9 History trip to Ypres – meeting for parents
September 21 – 7.00pm Transition Information evening for Y6 parents
September 22 – 7.00pm Making a Success of Y12 evening for parents
September 26 – 7.00pm Y8 Curriculum Information evening
September 27 – 7.00pm Y11 Curriculum Information evening
September 28 – Count on us Maths evening
September 29 – 7.00pm Y9 Diploma evening

News from UK Safer Internet Centre


UK Safer Internet Insider

Schools Out Special Edition
Advice for the Holidays

“The summer school holidays are almost upon us and many young people are looking forward to a full six weeks of freedom, sunshine and hanging out with friends (as indeed are most members of staff!)

Part of that freedom for many Facebookers, gamers and surfers is extra time online, checking out school friends, organising get-togethers and making brand-new friends too. It’s also often easy though to spend more time on the laptop, console or phone than might normally happen during term; gaming or chatting into the early hours; missing out on physical friends in favour of online ones.

Here’s a few pointers and reminders that may help to restore the balance…

For young people…

· Be aware of the amount of time you spend online. It’s easy to interrupt healthy sleep patterns and meal times if you are an avid gamer, blogger or social networker.

· Remember if you are gaming with people internationally (eg on Call of Duty) it is easy to forget they are in different time zones than you, especially if you have the pressures of a clan or guild to maintain.

· If you find yourself spending a lot of time at the device, give yourself regular breaks for at least forty minutes at a time. Keep hydrated, eat well and give your brain a break for a while. You’ll be a better gamer or online friend if you do!

· With increased time online there is more chance to come up against problems. If you do, then make sure you know how to get help; ask an adult you can trust for advice and support. If you can’t do that then use the “Report Abuse” button at This will put you in touch with a team of specialists who can help you.

· If you are being bullied online or on the end of some aggressive behaviour that you want help with and can’t find a trusted adult, then contact for help and advice. There will be someone there online who you can talk to.

· If you make new friends online who live in your area, and you want to meet up with them, then make sure you minimise any potential risk… meet in a public place, during the day and take some trusted friends (or an adult) with you who can hang around to make sure you are safe. Probably a good idea not to go off on your own on a first meeting until you know you can trust them.

For parents …

Be aware of how long your child spends online and be prepared to intervene if you think it may be too long, particularly at bedtime and in the wee small hours. When you have work the next day, it’s easy to go bed thinking everything is OK. Let your child know that you have the wherewithal to limit or monitor their online time… you can do this by:

o Physical monitoring, asking them to come away from the computer or console for a while to help you with things

o Have an internet curfew at an appropriate time

o Learn to change the settings on your router that limit specific devices on your home internet network to certain times. This might take a little research on your part but the feeling of control that you get back is amazing… and will tip the balance in your favour.

o Explore the parental control settings on your child’s console… they are getting easier to understand and simpler to access. These can limit time played and adjust access to content. A little knowledge goes a long way.

o If reasoning fails then unplug the router at night and march off to bed with it! Remember … the OFF switch is your prerogative!

Your child may come to you for help if things have gone wrong for them online; we know cyberbullying and online issues rise during the summer break as engagement increases.

o Try to have the right response; one that encourages them to come to you rather than drive it away beyond your control

o Let them know that whatever has happened, you will help them sort it out… even if it may have been their fault

o Be aware of how to report on their behalf eg how to report abuse on Facebook. There are some useful websites listed below

Young people’s engagement with the online world is both powerful and enabling but like everything else can cause issues when it runs to excess. Help your child navigate this resource safely by being an integral part of it.

Happy Holidays!

The SWGfL Online Safety Team”

Weblinks for parents

Connect Safely “Parents Facebook Guide”

Know IT All for Parents

E safety

Newsletter June 2011

Area Athletics Championships at Bath University on Wednesday June 15. We took boys and girls teams from years 7-10 to compete against 8 other local schools. Notable performances were as follows;

Elena Bateman            Y7 girls high jump
Jack Burcombe           Y7 boys 100m
Harrison Reynolds      Y7 boys800m
Ross Gaisford             Y7 boys high jump
Jack Utton                   Y8 boys 400m
Liam Harris                 Y9 boys long jump
Aaron Ward-Baptiste  Y10 boys 400m
Milo Pearson               Y10 boys triple jump
Jordan Dick                 Y10 boys Javelin
Lucy Hyde                   Y8 girls 1500m
Joe Tricki                     Y8 boys high jump
Kirsty Stanley              Y9 girls 1500m
Ella Scott-Humphries  Y9 girls javelin
Harry Smith                 Y9 boys 80m hurdles
Jake Munford               Y10 boys long jump

Also we took some girls from years 8,9 and 10 to a Tag Rugby Festival at Bath Rugby club. We met members of the England Saxons team before hand then played several matches against other schools. The girls played some fantastic rugby and both teams finished runners up. Well done to all who took part; Year 8 team – Hannah Bilton, Milly Brown, Jasmine Adams, Ella Bunting, Megan Gallagher, Olivia Murray, Anna Sellens, Lucy Stanley. Year 9/10 team – Becky Davison-Smith, Milly Webb, Amy Leask, Tonicha Cottle, Ciara Smiddy, Kirsty Stanley, Bobbi Lang, Becky Anstee, Megan Gibson, Sam Hobbs.

Girls PE: 12 girls from year 7, 8 and 9 swam on the  June 22 against St Mary’s, Sheldon, Devizes and John Bentley and did extremely well. The year 7’s came 2nd, year 8’s were1st and so were the year 9’s!! 

Corsham School came first overall and big congratulations to all the girls who swam!

Charlotte Stubbs in C8, swam at the weekend in the South West Regional Championships and did extremely well. She won two gold and one  Silver. She was also part of the 4 x 100m medlay relay team, whose time was 2nd in the whole country and therefore will hopefully compete at Nationals!

A fantastic achievement, well done Charlotte!

After winning the North Wilts area competition both the Under 13 and Under 15 girls cricket teams qualified for the Wiltshire final of the Lady’s Taverners competition. Both teams played very well, the U15 team narrowly missed out on a place in the final losing to South Wilts Grammar by 16 runs. They finished third overall after beating Bradon Forest School in the third/fourth play off. Well done to all those who took part.

Pupil Reception

Immunisation dates 2011/2012

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) for Year 8 Girls – 3 doses needed

2 November 2011 / 7 December 2011 / 9 May 2012

Diphtheria Tetanus & Polio for Year 10 students 6 Feb 12

Lost Property

We shall be clearing the huge pile of unclaimed uniform, coats, PE kits and other items we have, before the end of term.  Please encourage your child to visit us if they have lost anything!


Students in Years 7 – 11, who have lockers, will shortly be asked to empty them before the end of term.  A £5.00 refund will be given.  The locker codes will be changed during the summer holiday and any items remaining in the lockers will be taken to Pupil Reception.  In September, Year 7 will be given priority to hire a locker before students in Years 8 – 11

Language Team

Starting on the 9 September 2011, our school has been invited to take part in the largest online languages competition on the planet, the Language Perfect World Championships. This competition will run for one week.

Students compete for their class, school and country against other students from around the world, by earning points in a range of foreign languages on Language Perfect. Points count towards earning certificates, entry into prize draws (prizes include laptops, iPod Touch’s, iPod Shuffles & iTunes vouchers) and winning the competition!

The goal is to motivate students to get excited about languages, learning, and having fun at the same time.

Last year we finished 8th in the world!  Students reported a great deal of enjoyment as well as finding this an excellent aid to learning.  This year, we are aiming to do even better and are urging all language students to take part.  In order to be ready for kick-off on 9th September, we are asking students to enrol early!  Registration costs £3 per student through your child’s language teacher from 4th July.

You are welcome to visit their website for more information – We hope that you can see the value for your child, and are prepared to invest in this excellent resource.

Sue Hawkins (Languages Team)


KS3 Summer Music Concert will be held in S-Block Hall on Thursday 7 July at  7:30pm. 

Tickets are available from the music department or on the door


The A level art exhibition is on Tuesday 12 July in the S block gym. The viewing will be from 7.00pm till 8.30pm everyone is welcome. Work will include Fine Art Photography and Textiles.

Dance Team

As part of the GCSE Dance qualification, students are required to choreograph a solo as part of a controlled assessment. Our current and very enthusiastic Year 10 class took part in a workshop earlier in June to learn three dance motifs from Shobana Jeyasingh’s  ‘Faultline’. (A style combining contemporary and bharata natyam dance. See

These motifs must be developed by the pupils to create a short dance with clear form and structure. Marks will be given for imaginative development of this material as well as successful integration and linking of the motifs into the composition. Pupils must analyse and evaluate their improvemnet of the piece during the process.

The whole of the Year 10 class took part and worked hard throughout the session to learn the motifs, and we successfully filmed the outcomes and with the support of the ICT Department were quickly able to present a DVD of the session for the pupils to learn from at home independently.

We all look forward to seeing the final solo’s in Year 11.

“An Evening of Dance Performance” was held on Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 May in the Dance Studio.
Over 200 people attended and watched dance work performed by 60 pupils. The evening showed examples of AS, A2 and GCSE work as well as performances by years 7, 8 and 9 Dance Club members.
Both evenings were a huge success and were thoroughly enjoyed by the audience and performers. A big thank you to all the parents who wrote or rang in to congratulate everybody. 

Link to view the Dance photo gallery

A number of the year 10 GCSE Dance class and year 8 Dance Club members attended a dance performance in the Pound Arts Centre on Tuesday 21 June as part of the Corsham Festival week. It was an enjoyable evening watching a mix of Indian Kathak dancing and Hip-Hop.

Website and ELE update

The school’s Facebook page has proved to be very popular with 22,508 post views since it went live and 225 active ‘likes’. We have had contact from ex-students who are now living abroad as well. Current highlights include a stop frame animated video, made by Hayley Jordan called ‘Spinster’, and a film on the School’s World Challenge Trip to Peru by Stefan Hunt. Both are worth checking out.

The My Books page on ELE has had an upgrade with additional tabs and a new interactive Word Search game.

KS5 Chemistry Wilts Network launch

Mr Robards ( Head of Chemistry) together with Wiltshire’s advanced skills teacher Emma Baker are to launch the first meeting of a new Wiltshire schools network for Chemistry teachers
Corsham school science team are hosting the meeting on July 8 which will involve the demonstration of the best creative and innovative methods of teaching chemistry. So far 15 Wiltshire schools have signed up for the launch

Maths Team (Mr & Mrs Cole)

Students with full marks in the final problem of the Term 2010/2011 are:

Year 7:  Nat Holt 7W, Michael Harsley S7
Year 8: Joy Wingrvae W8, Syrie Gregory-Wood A8
Year 9: Isaac Sellens W9, Lauren Merrett A9, Hannah Lias M9

The overall winners for the year are:
Year 7: Nat Holt
Year 8: Joy Wingrave
Year 9: Hannah Lias          Very well done to all!  

Hog Roast

Pig & Jig, Box Hill Common July 2 7-11pm

Entrance fee £3.00, free for under 12’s with an adult, £1.00 for 12-16 year old

Dates for the Diary   

July 4-8         Y10 Work Experience
July 7             7.30pm Summer Concert SBH
July 15             Y7 Trip to Boulogne
July 12            7-8.30pm Art/Photography/Textiles Exhibition in S Block Gym
July 12-15      Y12 Geography field trip
July 19-20      7.00pm School production
July 22            Term 6 ends