GCSE Results

The strong A level and AS results from summer 2011 are now complemented by equally good Year 11 GCSE results. Many thanks and congratulations to all of our staff and students who have achieved such wonderful things together.

Over a quarter of our students achieved at least 3 A or A* grades. Well over half of our students gained five or more A*-C grades including  English and Maths (54%).

Students achieved the highest individual points scores we have ever seen at 420 GCSE points per candidate (10 and a half grade C’s on average per candidate) and also the highest capped point score (best 8 exams) at 330 points per student.

Over 20 students achieved mainly A* and A grade results in all of their GCSE exams.

Hopefully these results will ensure that many of our students will enjoy the last few days of the Summer Holiday.

Marcus Chapman

Fantastic A Level Results

We are again delighted with our Y13 students following today’s exam results. A quarter of all entries resulted in a grade A* or A and over half of all entries gave an outcome between A* and B. Congratulations to all students and thanks for all the effort. Individual points score average after 2 years of 6th form was 843 points, quite remarkable when you consider that an A* grade is worth 300 points.

We would also like to thank all of the teachers of Y13 for their dedication and  hard work.

Y12 also deserve a mention as 23% of all their AS entries resulted in a grade A result. This is fantastic.

There were, as usual, some outstanding individual performances in A level exams. Sarah Hurst and Emma Roberts achieved the magical 3 A* grades at A level and at least a dozen scored all A’s and A*’s.

Well done!

Marcus Chapman