A Royal event in The Making Room!

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Last Thursday, some students from Year 10 were given a day out of school to work with David Podger,  an artist supplied to us by Salisbury Cathedral’s education department.

David has worked with 6 schools to produce a series of banners, to be hung down the central aisle of Salisbury Cathedral, during a royal celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee.

David is a contemporary artist and runs open studios in Salisbury; you can find his work quite easily online. It was quite an honour to be picked, and to have the opportunity to learn David’s techniques and ideas process.

The Magna Carta is held at Salisbury and our artist used this statement of democracy as his inspiration. Newsprint was used throughout the piece to denote freedom of speech. Handwritten into the work there were quotations from public figures, concerning the importance of democracy, architectural details specific to Salisbury Cathedral were used as headers and footers to the piece and the students chose words, then superimposed them over the whole piece in the shape of a cross.  Our particular banners had the St George’s flag collaged into them, and then the final action was to soak the whole thing in coffee to give it a patina of age.

We have pictures here of work taking place in the Making Room, and we are hoping that we can pass on images from the Cathedral when all is in place.

Mazy Bartlett