Corsham Community Campus – Parking Arrangements

Dear Parents/Carers

As you may already know, the proposed Corsham Community Campus is becoming a reality. Planning permission for the project was granted on May 16 and it is hoped that work will start towards the end of June, aiming to finish completely in 2014. The attached leaflet gives you an overview of what the project is all about.

The Campus will be a fantastic enhancement to both the school and the local community. The redgra will become a shared use floodlit all weather pitch which should be completed by Christmas 2012, for school use during the day and the community in the evening. There will be a climbing wall in the centre along with the new library, café, community halls, local services et al all on our doorstep.

There will be a new cycle path and safe pedestrian entrance into the site at the H block end along with a re-designed car parking area with much safer and better designed school drop off.

The works that start towards the end of June will however cause some inconvenience that we will need to manage.

The first part of the work involves sectioning off some of the redgra to become a new public right of way and digging up parts of it to move underground pipe work to allow for the new artificial pitch.

This means that the school entrance and parking near the back of the H block drama hall will need to be kept clear. As a temporary measure, extra parking will soon be available on the school field, accessible through the existing H block car park.

As from this week June 11 2012, you may no longer park in the yellow hatched area by the back H block gate. I know parking or dropping off there has been on the increase recently, however we must enforce the yellow lines and cross hatching as contractors will need access via this space. You may think the area looks empty but contractors will need access/turning and your car will be at risk from dust (corrosive redgra grit), dirt or damage, please do not park there.

We may need to restrict parking further as the development continues. Please respect any bollards or restrictions as they appear. The extra field parking should suffice. The Google earth image below should help you understand areas that are off limits (shown in red).

During the build, the Town Council Tennis courts by the community centre will be unavailable, so the H block school tennis courts will be available for public hire from 5 pm until dusk and at weekends. This will be managed by the leisure centre. I know many students and parents use the tennis courts casually out of school hours. This is still possible as long as they book in advance via the Springfield leisure centre reception.

During certain stages of the build, in the future, dropping children off at the Springfield Centre will not be possible. I will let you know nearer the time when this is the case.

I apologise for any inconvenience caused by these developments and I trust that you too will see that the enormous benefits of this development far outweigh the inconvenience of the construction period.

Link to view the Springfield Campus Public Event Leaflet

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at:

Marcus Chapman