Olympic Sports Week

Olympic Torch Lap: Monday 25 June 2012

One of our former 6th Formers, James Threlfall (a top skateboarder), was chosen to run a section of the Olympic Torch Relay. He very kindly agreed to bring his Torch into School and 4 boys and 4 girls, from each year, took it in turns to hold it as they ran round a lap of the track with the whole School watching.

Thanks to James for making it possible to stage this memorable prelude to our sports day and the Olympics.

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Corsham ‘Olympic’ Sports Day: Tuesday 26th June

Each year competed in the various Field Events and 1500 metre races before Sports Day itself.

The whole school school took an early lunch and was ready to start the Track Events at 1.00pm. All athletes and spectators were representing a different ‘country’ ie C=Canada, O=Oman etc and many flags and banners made for an exciting and colourful scene.

There was a fantastic level of participation and many very impressive performances.

Some showers towards the end did not daunt the enthusiasm of the Athletes and left everyone primed for the London Olympics in a month’s time!

Please visit the Olympics 2012 page on ELE for more information