A busy term for Drama!

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Congratulations to everyone who was involved in this year’s school production The Wizard of Oz. Every night was sold out and all who came to see the performance were impressed with the talent on display. A Special mention to our Dorothys (Millie Bolt and Izzy Ingledew) who did a superb job. A wonderful time was had by all involved. Huge thanks to all that supported this production.

GCSE Drama Physical Theatre Workshop

This term Year 10 GCSE Drama Students were very lucky to participate in a physical theatre workshop led by Maggi & Tiago from The Pound Arts Centre. The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience:

‘I enjoyed the energy that they brought to the group.  They made us just forget about getting embarrassed and gave us all more confidence I thought.’

‘Tiago and Maggi’s class was very active and brilliant!  The workshop was interesting and highly interactive!  I would love to do it again.  Brilliant!’

‘I, Cinna’

On Monday 2nd July, twenty-five Drama and Theatre Studies students from Years Ten and Twelve participated alongside eight thousand other young people in classrooms across the nation for the Royal Shakespeare Company’s inaugural live and interactive theatre webcast of new play ‘I, Cinna’, written by Tim Crouch.  The play is currently in rep at Stratford upon Avon as part of the World Shakespeare Festival; helping to celebrate the works and characters of our most famous playwright as part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. 

Cinna is traditionally a bit-part, innocent, character within Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’; often overlooked.  During the play he is brutally torn to pieces by the Roman mob, who confuses our Cinna, a Poet, with another man named Cinna; the latter being a treacherous conspirator who helped to execute Caesar, their leader, and so might justly be punished.   ‘I, Cinna’ uniquely explores the events of Shakespeare’s play from the Poet’s perspective, giving voice to the oppressed whilst also demanding that its audience becomes actively participant in the theatrical experience, breaking down the traditional barriers between actors and audience.  Students explored the themes of citizenship, dictatorship, democracy, vengeance and justice prior to the performance; identifying links between the plot of ‘Julius Caesar’ and recent events such as the London Riots and the Arab Spring.

During the performance itself, all students followed prompts from the Poet, played by Jude Owusu, and generated their own original and complete poetry in response to his story.  This was a fantastic experience which explored the common ground between English, ICT, Drama and People and Community Studies curricula.  Resulting poetry by our students can be found published on the RSC’s microsite at: http://icinna.org.uk/poem-log/ .  With many thanks to all colleagues who enabled this event to happen within a busy school day in a very busy term.