Newsletter September 2012

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Year 7 Challenge Days 

Over the last two weeks, our Year 7 students have been involved in a series of Tutor Group ‘Challenge Days’. This is a new addition to our induction programme and has proved to be a great success, far exceeding our expectations!
Led by our own Outdoor Learning expert, Mr Josh Coombs, each group had a wonderful day of challenging activities out on the field in and around our new marquee. They were also able to spend a session in our renowned Making Room with Mazy Bartlett and Chris Peecock working on creative ideas related to the day.
The idea of our Challenge days is to encourage the students to get to know each other and their tutor really well and begin to understand the key themes which we promote at The Corsham School such as Teamship, ‘Audienceship’ and Citizenship. This was achieved by getting them to work together on some team building challenges and activities including orienteering, problem solving and cooking. Time in the Making Room enabled them to start work on some high quality visual records of the things they have learned about themselves and each other.
Here are a few comments from the students about what they felt they learned on their special day:
‘I learned to help in the school environment, to encourage others and to communicate with people.’
‘It’s important to listen and also to be part of a team. It is helpful to be helpful.’
‘To work well you need to not only talk to each other but to cooperate and make sure that everybody is treated equally.’
‘I learned that when you work as a team you can achieve better things than you can achieve on your own. Like in the egg throwing challenge – we had 2 ideas – so we compromised and we won!’
‘I learned that its really easy to be a good citizen if you put in a bit of effort.’
‘ learned that the more people you help, the more they will help you.’
I learned to always let other people have a turn, let other people say what they want to say.’
‘I learned that if you talk to your team mates it works better. Also things work if you help the person you are next to.’
‘I learned lots and I learned so much that I can’t explain!’
‘I learned about everyone in our tutor group. Also I learned how to take in ideas from other people to make other, bigger ideas.’
‘ I now know the names of our entire tutor group and have put them each with their own personality…..’
The Year 7 Challenge Days have replaced our longstanding tradition of taking tutor groups to the Oxenwood Outdoor Education Centre near Marlborough.
We are very pleased to announce that Year 8 will now take part in this exciting trip in order for them to engage in challenges of their own away for the school environment.
In future years, this will enable our students to develop various crucial skills learnt on the Challenge days of Year 7.
Exams Office information
All examination students have been emailed information regarding external exams for 2012-2013 in the form of an Information Booklet issued by the Exams Office. All students and parents are advised to read this booklet and in particular the contents of the annexe which contains rules and regulations relating to written exams and the production of coursework and Controlled Assessment. The information is all available to view or download from the Parent Portal and the Student Noticeboard on ELE together with information regarding the appeals process following the issue of exam results and the school’s Examinations Policy.
Music Department
There are still spaces available to learn musical instruments. If you are interested please collect a form from the Music department.
Wiltshire Music Service have clarinets, flutes, oboes, violins and trumpets available to borrow. If you would like lessons in any of the instruments listed above, a free instrument on loan will be available.
Food Technology Department
We thought it might be useful for you to have the following information with regard to your son’s/daughter’s participation in Food Tech practical lessons.
All recipes can be found on ELE (Learning Centre > Design Technology > Food Technology > Y7 recipes).
Students are given several days to a week’s notice to organise their ingredients and to inform parents.
It is most useful if students can either have their ingredients already weighed out, or labelled with a note asking for them to be weighed out by the technician first thing in the morning.
Whilst students do not need to provide equipment, they will be expected on occasions to provide a cake tin or baking tray.
A suitable container to take their product home in is essential.
If there are any problems regarding ingredients please send a note in with your son/daughter.
Language Department
As usual The Corsham School celebrated European Day of Languages on 26 September with a variety of languages being used around the school by members of staff from across the curriculum.
Year 7 tutor groups competed in an inter-tutor group competition to identify songs performed in different languages. Year 8 entered the Vocab Express championship and Year 9 were creative about Europe.
Many thanks to all the staff and students who participated in the celebrations wholeheartedly.
Dates for the diary
October 1               7.00pm Y11 Curriculum Evening
October 3              7.00pm Transition Evening for Y6 parents
October 4              Open Working Morning
October 8              7.00pm Y8 Curriculum Evening
October 10           7.00pm Y7 Focus Evening
October 11           6.30pm GSCE Drama Evening
October 12           Y9 CORS History trip to YPRES
October 16          7.00pm KS4 Focus Evening
October 16-19   Y12 Geography field trip
October 23          7.00pm Awards Evening
October 24         Term 1 ends Teacher Development Day