Freedom of Corsham for Stephanie Millward

Stephanie MilwardIn the council chamber at Corsham Town Hall, the members of the brass band had laid out their instruments on a table under the gaze of alabaster statuettes.

At the other end of the High Street, a couple of hundred school children had gathered in the winter sunshine, holding clusters of red, white and blue balloons.

Each of the balloons had the same message written on it: “Corsham loves Stephanie”.

The parade began at 11.30am sharp and wended its way along the main thoroughfare of the little market town, between its houses of Bath stone.

Knots of onlookers gathered here and there, outside the Royal Oak and the butcher’s which had made a special batch of sausages to commemorate the day.

They waved little Union Flags and applauded as the parade of schoolchildren and youth leaders passed by.

Stephanie Millward marched proudly at its head in her bright red coat, her five Paralympic medals dangling round her neck and jangling happily against each other.

By Oliver Holt – Chief Sportswriter, The Mirror

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