Newsletter April 2013

The Governing Body welcome Sarah Truelove as a new parent governor, and Kerry Everson as a new staff governor, and hope they will have a rewarding time with us. There are vacancies on the Governing Body for co-opted governors, and we are especially keen to find someone with a legal background to join us, replacing Nick Davis, a local solicitor who served the Governing Body for a little over 20 years. So, if you are interested in filling this vacancy or know anyone who may be interested, please refer them to any member of the Governing Body.

The Personnel, Finance and Premises committee have reviewed the budgets, and the income and expenditure records for both The Corsham School and Corsham Regis School.

Having considered any requested changes, the Governors were happy that both schools were within their budgets at this stage of the year.

The Curriculum, Assessment and Learning committee reviewed last year’s GCSE results and have looked at ways to improve our results, particularly in English and Maths, for those students on the C/D borderline. The projected number of sixth form students for next year is particularly pleasing.

Details of your Governing Body can be found on ELE.

Peer Mentoring
This academic year’s Peer Mentoring scheme comes to an end this term after a very successful year. Over 70 students were involved in the scheme which sees 6th form students mentor Y7 students with a view to supporting them with the transition from Primary to Secondary school.

Thank you to both 6th form and Y7 students for being so proactively involved. It is clear that both groups learnt a lot from the experience.

PM reflection & thanks

Year 11 GCSE Drama Exam Performances
After many months of practising our plays, the day finally came when ‘the lady under the lamp’ (AKA the Examiner) arrived. Despite our collective nerves, the performances ran smoothly. There were great responses from our audiences, consisting of students from Y7-10 who seemed to enjoy the wide assortment of plays from ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time’, to ‘4.48 Psychosis’, to devised work.

At the start it was really hard to come to terms with our characters because they felt quite alien to us. But after many rehearsals it became second nature to adopt the mannerisms and poise of our ‘alter egos’. It’s strange to have completed the course after the intensity of the last few months and it has become apparent how much we’ll miss the Drama department as it has become our extended family.

By Year 11 Drama Students.

School Sports Co-ordination news
The Corsham Primary Cluster has benefitted from Sporting opportunities provided by The Corsham School. The return of Central Venue has seen winners in both the Netball and TAG Rugby (Pound Pill and Colerne respectively). With summer approaching the Primary cricket league has got off to a brilliant start with all the primaries getting involved and high praise for the young officials from The Corsham School for their leadership, coaching and umpiring skills. The start of the Half-Term week saw all primaries undertake the Corsham Cluster Challenge. All schools were challenged to get involved in sport throughout the day, and Mr Waterhouse (SSCo) ran between all the participating schools’ sites. This was part of promoting the Olympic Legacy and training leading to The London Marathon for The Footprints Foundation.

The School Sport profile has been lifted once again by the introduction of Inter-Tutor Group Sport. Group Stage matches were held in PE lessons with the semi-finals, final and 3rd/4th play-off taking part at lunch times. The girls’ Inter-Tutor sport was hockey and the boys’ sport was football. There were some fantastic and exciting games and a penalty shoot out to decide the winner of quite a few closely-contested finals. The winners have had trophies presented in assemblies and each tutor group will receive points between 1-8 depending on their rank for points for sports day this year. The winners were:
Year 7: Girls A Boys W
Year 8: Girls O Boys A
Year 9: Girls R Boys C

French Exchange
Leaving early in the morning on 16
March and returning on 23 March, 23 English students from The Corsham School went to spend a week in the French town of Montendre. We all had a great time and went on lots of exciting trips ranging from golf and baseball lessons to treasure hunts, shopping and fairground rides! Whilst it was quite cold at the beginning of the week, the sun came out for our last day in Bordeaux. On the last evening the French students arranged a party which we could all attend. I certainly had a fantastic time and am pretty sure that everyone else did too! We’re now all looking forward to hosting the French students in May!

Joy Wingrave Year 10

Year 7 Boulogne Trip Friday 28 June 2013
Thanks to all parents who have paid the £25 instalment due on April 26. The final £25 payment is due on Friday 24 May. Please order your child’s EHIC card now if you do not already have one. These MUST be in school on 4 June (C7, O7, S7) and 6 June (R7). Thank you.

Dates for the diary

May 2 7.00pm KS4 Focus evening

May 3 Teacher Development Day

May 10 Y11 & Y12 study leaves begins

May 15 7.00pm Y7 Focus Evening

May 17 Y13 study leave

May 21-24 Y7 History day trips to Caerphilly

May 24 Term 5 ends

May 25-31 School Holiday