The Corsham Festival – Comic Book Heroes

The Making Room/The Pound in partnership

This month saw the end of a 6 week project in which four of our students worked alongside professional graphic novel artist Ben Dickson and Georgie Huntley.

Both artists were provided free, by The Pound, for the benefit of our school.

The end result was a comic book printed with all the various stories and characters in it and can be found in the library. We will put it on display, along with a series of other graphic novels, donated to the school, by the publishers.

I was amazed at the students’ drawing skills, imagination and focus, as it is a repetitive and tricky process, but they now have a foot in the world of professional publishing, which is amazing. In fact the printers also offered them the opportunity of a tour around their printworks, whenever they liked.

The Gazette and Herald came to their presentation, which took place at The Pound. Congratulations to all!

The same evening, a private view took place that highlighted illustration, with some beautiful pieces of work, including pieces by Quentin Blake.

To my great pride, The Paperboy has been included.

He is a sculpture that was made by various different students, for our library, but is out on loan for the duration of the show. I would thoroughly encourage anyone to go and check-out the exhibition as it is quite inspirational, and free!

The final event to report was the results of our most recent family learning event, Crafty Saturday.

We worked together to reproduce some of Roald Dahl’s greatest characters, using Quentin Blake’s illustrations, and wool. The results are spread through town as a preamble to Corsham Festival and its theme of ‘Story-telling’. There are 8 characters to find all in all – take a walk through Corsham and see who you can find.

(Crafty Saturday re-commences in September and is a free event open to anyone. See Pound programme for details)

Mazy Bartlett
Outreach Artist & Coordinator