Internet Explorer webpages not displaying properly

Microsoft has released a new version of Windows called ‘Windows 8’ and some aspects of ELE and the Parent Portal may not work correctly or display properly. One option is to switch on the Compatibility View of the browser; instructions can be found below. Alternatively you can try using Google Chrome or Firefox browsers instead. Internet Explorer is the prefered browser for use with Home Access though.

Windows 8 Compatibility View button

If webpages don’t display correctly in Internet Explorer 10, you can view the website in Compatibility View on the Desktop version.

If you are using Internet Explorer 10 from the Metro screen, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, (if you’re using a mouse,  right-click on the webpage) and then tap or click the Page Tools button on the bottom of the Internet Explorer 10 window and tap or click View on the desktop.

The webpage will open in Internet Explorer 10 on the Desktop.

Next, to turn Compatibility View on, tap or click the Compatibility View button in the address bar at the top, to make the icon change from an outlineto a solid color.

You can also try using the compatibility button on IE9, Windows 7, if you are experiencing any problems.

Charlie Parsons
IT Strategy Manager