Newsletter July 2013

Summer Exam Arrangements
AS and A2 exam results will be issued to Sixth Form students from 10:00am on Thursday 15 August and GCSE results will be issued to Y11 students, again from 10:00am, on Thursday 22 August.

Y10 GCSE unit results will be issued to students when school starts again in September.

A big thank you to all those students who have donated their Vivos to Charity this year

Donations by Year Group
Dorothy House (Year 11)



RNLI (Year 9)



Swift Medics (Year 10)



Together for Short Lives (Year 7)



Cancer Research UK (Year 8 )



Children in Need (All Year Groups)



Total Donations


RE Team
Mindfulness and Duncan HamesDuncan Hames, MP, visited the school again on a hot Friday afternoon, period 5 to find out more about how Mindfulness is being taught in schools. Two Year 9 classes are being taught an 8-week Mindfulness ‘pilot’ programme through PSHEE this term, in order to improve mental and emotional health and well-being.

Mindfulness involves learning to direct attention to our experience as it happens, moment by moment, rather than getting caught up in the past or the future. Students told Mr Hames that the programme has helped them to ‘step back from difficult thoughts’ (Amy), and ‘a way to relax and follow the mind and body’ (Ant). Others explained how ‘I used to get really stressed about things but this helps me to stay calm now’ (Jon).

Thank you to all of the 9y class and the students who spoke to him; our MP thought they were Year 11s because of their maturity and mindfulness!

“….I later joined a mindfulness class at The Corsham School. It was wonderful to see children learning techniques that can help them find calm and be more attentive, as well as maintain their mental health and wellbeing later in life. The maturity of this group of 13 and 14 year olds was particularly striking.”

Mandarin Class
Thank you to Mrs Chan who gave up her time, after school, to teach some of our students Mandarin this term. All the students thoroughly enjoyed the experience of learning such a culturally diverse language.

These are some of the topics that were covered:

Greetings :你好  您好 你早 您早 再见 早上好 下午好 晚上好 老师好 新年快乐  恭喜发财  大吉大利  红包   鞭炮

Animals: 鼠 牛 虎  兔 龙 蛇 马 样 猴 鸡 狗 猪 猫 鱼

Food :面包 大米 大米饭   炒饭  蔬菜   水果  蛋炒饭 肉 饺子 Things to buy and sell.

Numbers : 一二三四五六七八九十  to one hundred

Clothes : 帽子  围巾  上衣  裤子  鞋子  手套   连衣裙

Colours  :红色 绿色 黄色 白色  黑色 蓝色 紫色 咖啡色 彩虹色

Date : the 1st to 31st

Days : 昨天   今天  明天 星期天  星期一  星期二   星期三   星期四  星期五   星期六

Months: 一月  二月 三月 四月 五月 六月 七月 八月 九月 十月 十一月 十二月

Body parts: 头  肩膀  膝盖  脚指头 眼镜  耳朵  嘴巴 鼻子 拍拍手

Antonym : 上面 下面 左边  右边 里面 外面 前面 后面

Psychology Students In Action
This week Year 12 Psychology students took part in the University of Lincoln’s School of Psychology research project. The project was led by Jessica Hodgson an ex student of the Corsham School who is now a doctoral research student.

The research project is focussed on investigating speech centres in the brain using a method called Transcranial Doppler Ultrasonography. This measures the speed of blood flow to the left and right sides of the brain whilst doing different tasks.

Jessica was specifically measuring brain activity in the left and right hemispheres in areas thought to be important in language. She is carrying out a longitudinal study on children of all ages to further understand the development of language and the brain centres involved in this. Year 12 students volunteered to take part in the project over two days.

Seth Lavington (pictured) commented on how interesting he found the experience of participating in the research and how this will help him in conducting his own Psychology research later this term.

A big thank you from all our A’level Psychology students to the Lincoln University Psychology department for a fascinating insight into psychology research.

Mrs Utton
Head of A’Level Psychology


Thanks to students, parents, colleagues and friends for supporting our production of ‘Pride’ and many congratulations to the 100+ participants from Years 7 to 14 whose enthusiasm, dedication, talent and creativity have fuelled the project since January. Over four nights the audience crammed into the balmy Hall to join us on an African lion-cub’s journey through loss, injustice, friendship and retribution. The sense of teamship involved was truly inspiring, and not least for the impact of experienced sixth-formers dedicating their post-exam time to returning to school and training the talents of younger students. Combined skills in singing, acting, mask-work, making, design, lighting, sound, puppetry and pyrotechnics were an imaginative feat to behold! We look forward very much to welcoming audience members and participants alike when working on our next whole-school project.

Email and Mobile contact details for the new School Gateway
Please can you ensure that we have the latest addresses/numbers for you on your child’s records, which will enable the school to send you important messages via email or text. Any updates or changes should be given to Pupil Reception via or 01249 713284.

Information about The School Gateway which is now live and ready for you to register and use.

The school is now providing parents with the ability to pay for school items online. This means you can pay whenever it’s convenient for you, without having to find the exact change, or having to send a cheque into school. You can also give permission for trips online, saving you the need to fill out permission slips. Features include

  • See the payment requests for all your children on one screen
  • Choose which payments to settle and use a debit or credit card
  • Track your payment history and items still outstanding
  • Receive important text messages from school
  • Better communication from staff with direct email to parents/carers

Login to the Parent Portal, select My Space > School Gateway and follow the 3 steps to activate your account.

There is also a convenient, free School Gateway App that you can download, onto your mobile smartphone, from either the Android Play or Apple Store.

The Sainsbury’s School Games Kitemark is a Government-led awards scheme launched in 2012 to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community. Schools in England are able to assess themselves across bronze, silver and gold levels of the Kitemark. The Corsham School has applied for the 2012/2013 award and achieved the Silver Kitemark – we school narrowly missed out on Gold which we are striving to achieve in the 2013/2014 academic year. This Kitemark is a symbol of the progression of Sport in Corsham and its fundamental partnerships with local clubs and the community.

Dates for the Diary

July 24th Term 6 ends Summer Holidays

September 2nd     Term 1 begins –Teacher Development Day

September 3rd        First day for students and Y13 enrolment

September 4th       Y12 enrolment

September 9th         7.00pm Y10 Curriculum Evening for parents

September 10th    7.00pmY13 Applying to University evening for parents

September 12th     7.00pm Y9 History trip to Ypres- information for parents

September 16th     7.00pm Y7 Curriculum Evening for parents

September 19th     6.00pm Open Evening.

September 23rd     7.00pm Y9 Curriculum Evening for parents

September 24th     7.00pm Y12 Making a success of 6th Form evening for parents

September 30th     7.00pm Y11 Curriculum Evening for parents