Careers Fair

Thank you to all the organisations who took time out of their busy day to come along and exhibit at our first ever Careers Fair. It was a very successful day and all the students gained a lot from it.

The Corsham School Careers Fair played host to 40 exhibitors including national employers, local employers, universities, apprenticeships and gap year projects. We had excellent feedback from exhibitors and they were particularly impressed with our year 10 students saying they were ‘mature, interested and that they asked very searching questions.’

Students were also really impressed. Some of their comments were:
“I was inspired by the enthusiasm and knowledge shown by the employers”
“The whole session was eye-opening; there was excellent advice”
“The people who came were all really friendly and seemed very keen to help us”
“I could have talked to the companies for a full day”
“I now know what I want to do with my life”

“After speaking to you and exhibitors at the Careers Fair today, I found the solutions to all of my problems. I have now decided to study A Level Maths, Computing, Physics and Psychology, and I have found a perfect University course!”

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