Outstanding A Level Results

The A level results were excellent this year with 100% of A2 students passing.

After the enquiries, we expect 60% of entries to have achieved a A*, A or B grade. Some of the individual achievements were staggering.

Therefore most of the students secured their places at some very prestigious universities and we would like to pass on our heartfelt congratulations to them and to all the students for their hard work and the staff for their efforts and dedication.

This is an outstanding achievement which was well deserved.

Alan Bolter and Samantha Utton
Directors of the Sixth Form

I would also like to pass on my thanks to all staff and students for such fantastic work. The table below shows the strength of our A level results in comparison with the national picture and highlights the fact that we improve every year.

 Some of the achievements were particularly noteworthy:  for example one of our A level maths students scored a perfect 600 ums score, one of only 54 in the whole country. Well done Z!

 Percentage cumulative grades A* A B C D E
Corsham 2013 9.2 27.1 57.3 82.8 94.7 100.0
National 2013 7.7 26.3 52.8 77.0 91.9 98.1
Corsham 2012 10.2 25.6 52.9 77.5 93.5 98.3
Corsham 2011 6.8 25.2 52.2 79.5 91.9 98.8

Congratulations to all for your hard work.

Marcus Chapman
Assistant Head