Newsletter December 2013

New School Logo 2013School Trademark

You may have noticed some changes to the school logo on the website and ELE. This is because we are now the proud owners of a registered trademark. The blue school logo is now officially our brand image and we need to use it or we’ll lose it! Many thanks to Mike Large, one of our Governors, who helped in organising this for us. Having a registered trademark gives us continuity of brand and allows us to be able to deal more effectively with online companies.

Exciting New Apps
There is a new school App called iMLS which you can download onto your smartphone. The App allows students to view our school library, reserve books and write reviews to share with other students. Our online rewarding system, Vivo, has also updated their app with additional functionality and there is the School Gateway App for parents to receive messages from school.

Many congratulations to the following students who all submitted Book Reviews, to celebrate the launch of our new library (iMLS) app. They each have won 200 Vivos plus a special MLS keyring. The first 30 entries also received an MLS sweet.

Martha Bennett
Charlotte Rumble
Elsa Bartlett
Coral Shenstone
Poppy Taylor

Charity Fund Raising
Tutor Group 012 raised £200 for The Philippines Typhoon Appeal with their map of The Philippines divided into squares. Congratulations to Niamh in M7 who won the chocolatey prize by correctly guessing the square where the treasure was buried. O12 also held a cake sale on 6 December to contribute to this very worthy cause. Well done and thank you to everyone involved!

Latest Corsham School magazine
The Winter edition of the school magazine will be distributed shortly. This high quality publication shows many more of the impressive achievements of our students both in and out of the classroom along with news of exciting school developments. Each student will bring home one copy at the start of next term . Requests for further copies should be made to the school office.

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away (DS2) there was a play called ‘Santa Claus’s Year Off’… written by a Sixth-Former named Alex Lewis for his Extended Project Qualification. This made the performance feel quite personal: it was conceived by someone we know and more of our own age than typical playwrights; and it was designed for a family audience based on research into theatre and film traditions. We had lots of fun and because it was a small committed group we got on well and really enjoyed working together. We were encouraged to be childish and this enabled us to take creative risks and be playful.

Thanks to Alex for his generosity and directing skills and also to our parents, fellow Sixth-Formers and teachers for all of their support.

Dates for the diary

December 21 to January 5 – School Holiday

January 6 Teacher Development Day

January 7 Term 3 begins

January 9 7.00pm Y9 Options Evening

January 13 3.00pm Nearly New Shop SBH

January 17 to January 24 Exchange to Germany

January 23 5.00pm Y9 Parents Evening