6th Form Drama Report


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Part of the A2 Drama syllabus is to form a theatre company, ours being Periloon Productions, and to create a piece of Drama based on the stimulus ‘The Familiar Made Strange’. During our process we were influenced by many dramatic forms and theatre practitioners, such as Antonin Artaud and his ‘Theatre of Cruelty’. We wanted ‘not to define thoughts, but to cause thinking’, which inspired us to create a surrealist performance including a series of disturbing episodes that made the audience uncomfortable and left them with feelings of confusion.

Our recent performance concerned patients undertaking an experiment and explored the effects of sleep deprivation and dehumanisation. The patients, some of whom suffered from personality or psychological disorders (such as OCD and Schizophrenia), exhibited the loss of sanity that comes from sleep deprivation. The production included various atmospheric effects including: a smoke machine; strobe lighting; incense; multimedia projections and musical elements that attacked the audience’s senses.

It was a unique and exciting experience for us and our audience and we would like to thank everyone who attended for their support and our wonderful teachers for all their help and making it an enjoyable process.

By Amy Charlesworth, Nancy Lewendon, Rohan Wolsey, Connor Macleod and Blu Borgstrom.