Area Athletics Championships

On Wednesday, June 11th over 85 pupils represented Corsham School at the University of Bath in the annual Area Athletics Championships with ten schools from the local area competing in perfect conditions.

There were some outstanding performances throughout. The girls’ performances were simply stunning and a cumulative total of all the events resulted in the year 9 girls retaining their title from last year and finishing 1st overall. In addition the Year 8 girls finished second, the year 10 girls finished an impressive 4th and the year 7 boys and girls made impressive debuts finishing 4th.

In the individual events all the following students came first or second:

Year 7

2nd Olivia Gill – High Jump – 1.15m

2nd Chris Sapiano – High Jump – 1.26m

Year 8

1st Jade Littelchild – 1500m – 5:00

1st Chris Blazey – Shot Putt – 9.40m

1st Anouska Adam – High Jump – 1.25m

2nd Katie Maggs – 200m 30.6

Year 9

1st Sasha Nugara – 1500m – 5.31

1st Martha Stringer – High Jump – 1.25

2nd Izzy Hawkins – 200m – 30.28

2nd Jay Lewis – Discus

Year 10

1st Callum Ritchings – Discus – 25:50

1st Josie Hansford-Holt – 80m hurdles – 14.9s

1st Elena Bateman – High Jump – 1.30

2nd TJ James – 1500m – 6.07

2nd Sheena Sherburn – Discus – 16.27

Wiltshire Area Athletics Trials – Salisbury – Saturday 7th June

On Saturday 7th June, two Corsham School students represented North Wiltshire at the Wiltshire Athletics finals. On a seasonally warm day at the great venue James Utton & Jade Littlechild epitomised the school values of teamship and participation. James (year 9), who was competing in the shot put for the second consecutive year progressed well and came a respectable 5th with a distance of 9.70metres. The every ready Jade (year 8) took the stage for the Junior (Yr 8&9) girls 1500m and ran a well paced race coming in a respectable 2nd place with a smashing time of 5.01 minutes. Jade will now progress to represent Wiltshire at the South West of England Championships in Yeovil on 21st June.

Congratulations to all students involved!!!

Live updates, news and results can be found on Twitter; @CorshamPE

Mr Smith & Mrs Hughes

Year 8 Talent Show

Y8 Talent Show

Thank You!
Thank you performers for a fab night!! Without you, the student audience and parents we couldn’t have done a talent show…. which raised……. £371.89!!!!

Thank you to:

  • Elise A8
  • Matt O8
  • Katie A8
  • Ruth A8
  • Tom O8
  • Katie Terry O8
  • Toby O8
  • Tom O8
  • George M8
  • Georgina M8
  • Esme H8
  • Natasha C8
  • Amirah W8
  • Jade W8
  • Jess W8
  • Lucia W8
  • Lily W8
  • Tom M8
  • Brandon M8

Thank you to helpers and teachers we couldn’t do it without your help either!!!

Another big thank you to Angus Simpson and Macaulay Chamberlin for comparing on the night. Thank you to tutor groups R and H for bringing in cakes. We sold every single little crumb of cake during the interval and the next day. We had an amazing night. We were lifted out of our chair by Brandon’s Magic, we were left breathless by Elise, Ruth, Tom Murphy, Katie Terry, Toby, Georgialaice, Natasha, and Lucia, with their astonishing voices, tunes left in our heads by Matthew, Katie Maggs, Tom Price, Georgina, Esme and Jade Littlechild. Then at the end students and parents left their seats dancing along with Jess, Jade, Amirah and Infusion and Lily.

All the money raised will go towards our Year 8 charity, Mehboob and his family in Varanasi, India. We are raising money for them so Mehboob can buy a tuk tuk to carry on raising money to feed his large family. This is a HUGH contribution to them from just ONE night.

Once Again THANK YOU. We hope you all enjoyed it.