Languages Awareness fortnight

passport to the worldWow, what a busy time it has been in the languages department. As one year 11 student put it “every time I come out of a PE lesson recently, there’s something going on in languages!”

It all began on European Day of Languages (26th September) when all across the school teachers and students were engaging in different language related activities. As usual the Corsham School community embraced the idea with gusto and we had lessons about Old English, Macedonian, Bengali and much more (some prepared and delivered by students). Students were surprised to be greeted in languages other than English for many lessons and some staff members were a little confused when our staff briefing meeting began in Welsh!

In foreign language lessons students learn British Sign Language and salsa dancing! The highlight of the day for some was the French and German food tasting at lunchtime. The student language leaders went all out selling delicacies.

Over the next fortnight year 9 students have had the opportunity to study a new language in their language lessons. Many are now keen to pick up Spanish for GCSE next year.

One lunchtime, several students and staff gave up their time to teach year 7 students a few words in more unusual languages. Some managed to learn the basics in eight new languages and have a Corsham School languages passport for their troubles.

The languages awareness fortnight also saw the first of our foreign film events. Students (of appropriate age) were invited to watch ‘Voces Inocentes’ while nibbling on Spanish themed snacks. The next will be a German film on 14th January 2015.