News from The Making Room


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1 new school banners

Images of 6th formers “leaping into their futures” were used for our new school banners. Mr Rogers was responsible for the photoshoot – he previously worked as a fashion photographer.

2 pillar of Corsham portraitsDuring Crafty Saturdays at The Pound, Corsham portraits were made by, and of, local residents. Their likes, dislikes and dreams for the area were added, and the work was displayed first at The Springfield Campus, and consequently at The Pound.
3 poppy frenzy

Thanks to all those who worked so hard to decorate the WW1 concert on 18th October. It was much appreciated by the community.
4 Tony Minnion banner 5 Tony Minnion screenprints

A large body of work was made with Tony Minnion, an artist funded by the school and NADFAS. He used digital and screen printing techniques with  our students. Their work is exhibited at The Campus, and will eventually be used for next set of school banners.

6 WW1 soldier

With the help of the Making Room, year 9 history students are constructing a WW1 trench scene in H block. This soldier is nearly complete, along with a good selection of props. We will keep blogging progress of the project.

7 yr 7 challenge day maps

Year 7 were challenged to map their routes to school. The resulting work provided interesting data about their means of transport and went on to be part of the opening exhibition “Wanderings” at The Springfield Campus.

8 Big Draw

As part of the annual UK Big Draw festival, art students created a huge chalk drawing outside the Making Room, inspired by the work of Rousseau.

9 St Patricks yr 6St Patrick’s year 6 class spent an hour in the Making Room, learning the rudiments of paper engineering; cutting, folding, creasing and glueing paper to make hilarious pop-up paper frogs.

10 Year 8 French sports centre

Year 8 French students finish off their model sports centre, complete with skate park, with all areas clearly labelled … in French, of course!

11 banned booksOn display in the school library, these books are fake, but the real versions have all been banned at some time in various countries around the world. Year 9 English students did the research for this project, and drew up a comprehensive list of previously banned books, including The Bible, and “Where’s Wally?”