Student Report on Y8 German Xmas Market Trip

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Many thanks to Natalie Mitchell and Holly Walker for this combined report.
Photos courtesy of Mr Parsons

“I think the German Trip to the Xmas Markets was a very efficient way of demonstrating our skills that we have acquired throughout last year and the beginning of this year. We got to explore a lot of German culture, which was very exciting. I liked that we all got our chances to be independent and develop team skills also. The range of activities excited me also. If ever given the chance, I would definitely go again.

We went on the coach at half 8 at night, we had 12 hours on the coach. When we got there we had to drop our bags off then walk to the Christmas Markets. First we went to a small set of Christmas Markets. I bought stuff for myself and Family. After that we went to the Lindt Chocolate Museum. We saw all the machines that make the chocolate and the history of it. After that we went to an Olympic Sports Museum. It showed us all the history of them all etc. Then we went to the main Christmas Markets. My group went to Starbucks to get a hot drink as it was very cold. When we got back we had tea (it wasn’t very nice though!) We had a disco later that night.

The organisation and layout of the trip all went very smoothly, and there wasn’t any major slip-ups. It was a very entertaining and educational trip.”