Parking Difficulties

Dear Staff, 6th form, Students and Parents

I am writing to remind you all of the rules concerning parking, particularly in relation to the Campus.

  • The campus car park is for campus users only
  • School drop off and pick up is permitted (hence the crossing), but not long term parking
  • The current parking regulation is for a maximum of 4 hours for campus users only
  • This will soon be enforced with an electronic surveillance system

It is becoming increasingly clear that large numbers of school people are using the Campus car park. I have been asked to remind you by the campus that this is not permitted. We have also been informed by campus staff that, if the situation does not improve, penalising poor parking will be introduced.

Today, there were more than 20 “school related” cars in the Campus car park all day. Whilst building work and the creation of new parking facilities are in progress, there is extreme pressure for spaces. This is causing poor and dangerous parking on the grass verge by the pedestrian crossing into school which is putting our students at risk. It is in all of our interests to protect the safety of our students by parking sensibly and legally.

The school site has 110 parking spaces for an even higher number of staff, we also have to ensure safe thoroughfare and emergency vehicle access on the school road at all times by managing parking on the school site. Unfortunately, this means that we can’t permit 6th formers to park on school grounds.

Corsham has other streets where parking is permitted just a short walk from school. If 6th formers have to drive to school, they must find parking away from both the school and campus.

We always encourage all students to adopt green and healthy ways of completing the school journey (walk, cycle, bus). Please give serious thought to these alternatives.

The contractors have also informed us that the new safe path to school behind the campus opposite the fire station is now open.

  • All students walking to school should now use this new path
  • This path avoids the traffic of the school drop off and pick up and is therefore safer
  • The temporary pedestrian crossing near the doctor’s surgery will shortly be removed

I hope you will all be able to follow this simple advice and work towards a safer environment for all of our students.


Marcus Chapman, Assistant Head