Making Room News

If you want to get creative, Making Room Art Club is open each Thursday 3- 4pm.

You can bring along your own projects, join in on group making projects, or get experimental with the heaps of junk we have available.

This is a good opportunity to flex your creativity with the help of a professional artist and all the advantages of a studio space. Mazy Bartlett welcomes all ages and abilities and is happy to share her extensive knowledge of art and craft practises.
This session is also available to people outside of school so if you have brothers/ sisters/ friends/ parents or carers that would enjoy an hour of messy fun, please bring them along.
Art Club commences the 2nd week of term and finishes on the last Thursday.

duckThe Making Room is asking for a donation of plastic toys – we are looking to replace the bottles on our spiral sculpture and thought plastic toys would make a great new piece of art. They need to be hollow and about the size of a rubber duck ideally, however we are not fussy, and the brighter the better. Please bring donations to the school reception, and thanks in advance.