The Corsham School newsletter review for 2014

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The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 23,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 9 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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Everybody Say ‘Freeze’!

Students from Key Stage 3 and 5 received a rapturous response to their sold-out performances of ‘The Ice Queen’. This collaborative approach was confidently led by Sam Langley from Year 13, who used prior learning to mentor students across the age span whilst simultaneously learning to adapt and direct a stage production for her Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). Peers generated outstanding and nuanced musical theatre performances, whilst others began early EPQ investigations into the design potential of stage media including: costume design/ manufacture; mask-work; shadow puppetry; hair and make-up. The purpose of an EPQ is to provide an early bridge between the content and learning of conventional A Level courses and the rigorous modes and approaches of undergraduate study. As such, it can form an excellent point of discussion during the increasingly-competitive university application process; in addition to boosting self-confidence in research and referencing methodologies and furthering interpersonal skills.

As Sam commented, ‘Over the past few weeks we have been constantly rehearsing for our project… Every lunch-time performers have practiced famous songs from a recent box-office hit… The set has many handmade features, including snowflakes, but the creativity didn’t stop there: handmade costumes have been created especially for the performance! Although the adaptation from screen to stage has been difficult, it has been really fun to see the change over the past few weeks and a great start to the festive period.’

Student Report on Y8 German Xmas Market Trip

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Many thanks to Natalie Mitchell and Holly Walker for this combined report.
Photos courtesy of Mr Parsons

“I think the German Trip to the Xmas Markets was a very efficient way of demonstrating our skills that we have acquired throughout last year and the beginning of this year. We got to explore a lot of German culture, which was very exciting. I liked that we all got our chances to be independent and develop team skills also. The range of activities excited me also. If ever given the chance, I would definitely go again.

We went on the coach at half 8 at night, we had 12 hours on the coach. When we got there we had to drop our bags off then walk to the Christmas Markets. First we went to a small set of Christmas Markets. I bought stuff for myself and Family. After that we went to the Lindt Chocolate Museum. We saw all the machines that make the chocolate and the history of it. After that we went to an Olympic Sports Museum. It showed us all the history of them all etc. Then we went to the main Christmas Markets. My group went to Starbucks to get a hot drink as it was very cold. When we got back we had tea (it wasn’t very nice though!) We had a disco later that night.

The organisation and layout of the trip all went very smoothly, and there wasn’t any major slip-ups. It was a very entertaining and educational trip.”

Area cross country results and report

Wednesday 12th November at Grittleton House School

We took teams from all year groups to the North Wiltshire Championships and enjoyed outstanding success in both the individual and team competitions. The main highlights are listed below:

Minor Girls (Year 7)
Millie Lang – 7th
Molly Frost – 15th

Minor Boys

Miles Littlechild – nominated to go through to the county championships.
Alex Bayliss – 14th

Junior Girls (Years 8 and 9)
Jade Littlechild – 1st

Junior Boys
Otto Copping – 3rd
Ethan Hill – 10th

Inter Girls (Years 10 and 11)

Eloise Copping – 6th
Sasha Nugara – 8th
Holly Trippe – 11th
Izzy Hawkins – 12th

Inter Boys
Jacob Bacon – 2nd
Rhys Lock – 7th
Luke Curtis – 11th

Senior Boys (Years 12 and 13)
Aidan Daniel – 3rd
Jacob Payne – 8th despite running an extra lap by mistake!

All of the athletes listed above go on to represent North Wiltshire in the County Cross Country Championships in January.

Team Successes
In addition to individual successes Corsham also enjoyed some fantastic team results.
The junior girls team finished 3rd overall. The Junior boys finished 2nd overall.
Both the inter boys and girls teams won their competitions!
Congratulations and well done to all those athletes who took part and good luck to the qualifiers in the next round.

Football News

Despite being the rugby season in Mid Wiltshire, TCS have entered a variety of football cups at County and National Level. The U18 team captained by A level PE student Gabriel Field had a terrific start to the season in the FA Schools Cup. Goals from Harry Beazer, Jack Footner & Max Shakleford securing a 2-1 victory against Downend School from Bristol . In the 4th round a tough away trip to Marling School in Gloucestershire saw the first team exit the competition. Their next game is against Devizes, away on December 10th in the first round of the Wiltshire County Cup.

Also in the Wiltshire Schools County Cup, the year 9 football team have a tough away match against Isambard in December which coaches Mr Clarke, from the Maths department, and Mr Joslin from the IT department, are relishing!! The year 11s also have a tricky away fixture against Kingdown which Mr Wood and the team are eagerly anticipating. Mr Derby’s year 7 side have a bye in the first round and will not play until after Christmas but will be training hard to be prepared for the second round.

School Badminton Tournament match report

Our first game of the tournament started well with a 5-0 win against Devizes B making it a good match to start with and also Luke draper playing some blinding shots.

The second match against Hardenhuish B was a similar match to the first match, with the same result 5-0 winning each game with relative ease, although we all knew our hardest matches were yet to come.

Our last match of the group stages was against Abbeyfield. We knew it would be a hard game, as they had a county player in their team and also the pressure was on, as whoever won this game would go through to the final and face Devizes A. Fortunately we won the Match 4-1.

We knew the final would be difficult as their team train 4 hours a week with plastic shuttles, whereas the last time our team played with plastic shuttles was last year at the same tournament. Sadly we lost all our games 0-5, however many of the games were close and coming second out of eight teams was a great achievement.

Also I’d like to say well done to Alex Baylis for being one of the youngest players in the hall and winning the majority of his games, Reuben Stringer for winning some great singles games and showing how much he’s improved in a year and Luke Draper for playing remarkably well, even though he had only played for about 2 hours in his life before the tournament.

Written by Matthew Hughes 9S – Badminton Captain

News from The Making Room


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1 new school banners

Images of 6th formers “leaping into their futures” were used for our new school banners. Mr Rogers was responsible for the photoshoot – he previously worked as a fashion photographer.

2 pillar of Corsham portraitsDuring Crafty Saturdays at The Pound, Corsham portraits were made by, and of, local residents. Their likes, dislikes and dreams for the area were added, and the work was displayed first at The Springfield Campus, and consequently at The Pound.
3 poppy frenzy

Thanks to all those who worked so hard to decorate the WW1 concert on 18th October. It was much appreciated by the community.
4 Tony Minnion banner 5 Tony Minnion screenprints

A large body of work was made with Tony Minnion, an artist funded by the school and NADFAS. He used digital and screen printing techniques with  our students. Their work is exhibited at The Campus, and will eventually be used for next set of school banners.

6 WW1 soldier

With the help of the Making Room, year 9 history students are constructing a WW1 trench scene in H block. This soldier is nearly complete, along with a good selection of props. We will keep blogging progress of the project.

7 yr 7 challenge day maps

Year 7 were challenged to map their routes to school. The resulting work provided interesting data about their means of transport and went on to be part of the opening exhibition “Wanderings” at The Springfield Campus.

8 Big Draw

As part of the annual UK Big Draw festival, art students created a huge chalk drawing outside the Making Room, inspired by the work of Rousseau.

9 St Patricks yr 6St Patrick’s year 6 class spent an hour in the Making Room, learning the rudiments of paper engineering; cutting, folding, creasing and glueing paper to make hilarious pop-up paper frogs.

10 Year 8 French sports centre

Year 8 French students finish off their model sports centre, complete with skate park, with all areas clearly labelled … in French, of course!

11 banned booksOn display in the school library, these books are fake, but the real versions have all been banned at some time in various countries around the world. Year 9 English students did the research for this project, and drew up a comprehensive list of previously banned books, including The Bible, and “Where’s Wally?”

Top Design Prize for Year 9 Student

Ech homes winner 2014 Corsham School.pdf_page_1

Many congratulations to Abi Hill, in Year 9, who has won a top prize (two winners are selected) for her Eco-home design in a county wide competition.

Link to see the Eco House Notes

For the third year running, the South West Branch has launched its Schools Eco-home Competition to local schools in Bristol, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and North Somerset. The competition is a key part of our drive to inspire young people, especially girls, to consider careers within the property and construction industry.

Year 9 students from across these regions have been invited to prepare designs and a written submission for the construction of an eco-home based on a plot at the Crest Nicholson Paintworks site in Bristol’s creative quarter. It is particularly rewarding to see what the ‘youth of today’ consider to be at the fore-front of design and what is meant by ‘sustainability’.


Vietnam and Cambodia Expedition – summer 2014

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“Forty-four students in three teams went on expedition for a total of 32 days this summer. The adventure began in the mega city of Ho Chi Minh/Saigon where the students were immediately immersed in the local culture, noise and traffic. Students organised all accommodation and transport and managed the entire budget for the whole expedition. We went on a trip to the Mekong delta and explored the floating markets and indulged in some mud fishing. Ho Chi Minh city also houses the War Remnants Museum which highlights the experience of the Vietnamese people during the Vietnam War. They of course do not call it that!

We then headed off on overnight trains to the beaches of Nha Trang and then the Yok Don national park for our 3 day acclimatisation trek in the jungle. We also had the opportunity to have a ride on an elephant!

Teams then arranged transport across the border into Cambodia where our main 5 day trek was to take place in the Ratanakiri forest. This was an amazing opportunity to get up close with the jungle, sleep in hammocks and see amazing sights. The trekking was long and hard and we were really able to immerse ourselves in jungle living.

We then proceeded to Siem Reap to the temples of Angkor Wat. We decided to see the sunrise over the main temple and then to visit the temples on mountain bikes so that we could cover more distance. The scale, beauty and complexity of the temples is truly staggering. The shopping and nightlife was also great fun. So many markets and so much great stuff.

After the magic of Angkor we sourced transport to the capital Phnom Penh where we continued our rest and relaxation with more retail therapy and sight-seeing. We then set off on a local bus to help out at an orphanage for six days. This was seen by us all as the highlight of the whole expedition. The little children were delightful and we made many friends. Our task was to paint the main dormitory building and clear an overgrown football pitch. We finished the week by having a party with the children.

We set off to the great beaches of Sihanoukville, but the weather conspired against us as it rained all day and night. Then it was back to the capital to see the tragic recent history of the civil war in Cambodia and the terror and genocide that the Khmer Rouge inflicted. It was difficult to comprehend the atrocities that were carried out in the Killing Fields and S21 prison that we visited. Cambodia has thankfully moved on a long way from that, just as Vietnam has done from its recent history.

We all miss our adventure greatly and I, for one, am determined to return one day soon.”

For more information about the school’s Adventures and Expeditions please login to the Parent Portal and select the Year Group link.