Fare changes to Corsham 10 Bus Service


C10 fare change posterUpdate for parents/carers:
FirstĀ are making changes to the fares and tickets available on Service 10, which is designed to bring them more into line with the fares and tickets available on our extensive commercial network.
While we will no longer offer specific 10 journey tickets for Service 10, our new day tickets for Service 10 will offer good value for money and are a viable alternative for the majority of customers.
We are currently planning some changes to our network in the Corsham area and hope that Service 10 will become more integrated into the network and therefore improve the overall service to our customers.

Faresaver currently operate a contracted trip from Gastard, Monks Lane through Neston on to the School. This contract still sells 10J tickets and they have no date expiry (within reason) so technically, if the student buys the Faresaver 10J ticket (and travel on the first morning with Faresaver), it will be valid for subsequent trips on First bus 10 (this is because the two contracts accept tickets over common points i.e. Neston), subject to capacity of the bus. A caveat to this is that it will only applies if there are no changes to the contractual arrangements on Corsham Town contract (i.e. it remains a contracted bus service).